Peak Harvest Pics (I'm looking for)

Sup Peeps,

I am looking for picks of indoor grow peak harvest pics.

As a first time grower that has already made some mistakes. I am trying to salvage what I have to yield as much as possible.

I have 3 strains all started Dec 2020 18 hours of light, Feb 15, 2021 went to 12 hours of light.

  1. Purple Sleigh ride (Found seed inside bud, smoked bud planted seed)
  2. Buddah Cheese (Found seed inside bud, smoked bud planted seed)
  3. Gelato (Purchased seeds on ILGM)

Started 7th week this past Monday 3/29/21

I believe that I am 2 weeks away from harvest, and have purchased a microscope to look at the trichromes. Things are still pretty clear (transparent)

My ask is if someone has peak harvest pics they can share so I know what to look for.

Thank you in advance for your support.!



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Just look at any month’s Bud of the Month


Now in week 8, I can see the transition in trichromes are becoming more evident.

I flushed plants last week

Buddah Cheese

Purple Sleigh Ride - Fan leaves are yellowing, Plant is not drinking, and I am concerned about root rot.

Gelato - Bought on ILGM