Pdw mold or super frosty?

About harvest time went to do my every couple day check amd noticed a bottom section of the plant seemed extra white. Now this by far has been my most frosty plant yet and beyond sticky. Is it powder mildew/mold or just super frost? It was only on the one small under branch so i cut the whole branch off just to be on the safe side humidity hasnt been above 50 since before start of flower other then for like an hour or so when they first get watered but for the most part been running around mid 20% to 30% humidity. With mid to high 80s heat. Ive attached lots of pics to compare from regular view appears it may powdery mildew but under the handheld scope it also looks like its a million trichs chilling with eachother. Ill attach pics of the plant here and comment more pics of the branch in question both from eyes view and from under micro scope as well.

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Its only a few sugar leaves that have it all buds and all fan leaves are fine


The pic with water in it is taken just moments after it was watered. The light evaporates it rather quickly

I think you said you removed the branch? So problem solved, :grinning: it does look like powdery mold on one of your leaves but again you cut it off. Nice catch, buds look great

I agree with @Mjm697

So rest of the plant should be good? And the first few pics is just frost right? Like i said it was hard to tell because even under the microscope it just looked like truchs stacked like no tomorrow lol amd as for the branch i cut off. I trimmed off the few leaves that seemed like it may have been should i just toss the nugs or is it safe to smoke as long as ut doesnt end covered in pm while it drys?

So i just did my first grow. Amd seen it at beggining also. And removed leaves but i gor trifecta crop control. Natural spray for it made with like tyme and rosemary etc. And sprayed them and kept up with the weekly preventative up to 2 weeks before harvest. after and after i flowered and picked them i wet trimmed them to make sure and had maybe 10. 15 lil leaves with baby spot of pwm on it still.
I seen it seems pwm once started can lay dormant and have started on leaves you dont see and can still spring up fast if not treated. Again. Just finished first grow so only my personal experience to speak from not years of knowledge. Hope you the best !

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Oh and buds i treated taste great. Look great. And got tested last week at over 20 percent thc still. So trifecta didnt hurt them at all

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You do have PWM. Do you have a fan blowing through them? You need to decrease your rh also. Some strains are more prone to mold than others. That stuff will spread.

Even with an average of mid 20s for the last month? How kuch lower can i go without harming the plant. And yeah i just ordered some spray for it thats good up until harvest should be here in a few days. Going to spray just in case theres some dormant hidden spores

Looks like WPM. If you examine those spots with a loupe you’ll see an odd webbing across the trichomes.
Reducing RH will NOT improve it. WPM actually thrives in low humidity. It also survives in your grow area for a very very long time. If you’ve got it now, chances are you’ll see it again.

What product are you going to spray with? Be very cautious about what you use.

50/50 Hydrogen peroxide/water will slow it down.
JMS organic stylet oil is the best product I’ve found to keep WPM at bay, but I’m cautious about any sprays (other than h2o2) within a few weeks of harvest.

For sure do a peroxide bath at harvest.