Payment options with visa?


Can i buy seeds with a prepaid visa card? I have been doing a bunch of research but cant find anywhere saying yes or no.


No, I don’t believe you can through ilgm. Maybe @ILGM.Support.Roy can help. But I think I’ve read somewhere that prepaid don’t work. My order wouldn’t go through until I authorized it through my bank


@ILGM.Support.Zoe @ILGM.Support.Thom might be able to help as well.


Hey @Newbie53

Visa cards often fail and prepaid cards often fail. So chances are that your prepaid Visa card won’t get through. But the proof is in the pudding so you could try. Otherwise cash, bank transfer or Bitcoin always work :slight_smile:

Find more info on those here:


You can use a net spend prepaid card @Newbie53…that is what I use


What is a net spend card?


It’s a prepaid card…dollar general sales them


Good to know. Ive had to use my mc as visas wont go thru.


Always pay cash. Never any issues. Takes a few days longer.