Payment method on ILGM

What payment method have you guys used? It says card is not recommended, that’s what I was planning on using. Thanks everyone!

Used my card, lol


I used the app which is just as easy but way less discreet on your bank account if you need to be careful

I used the deposit method. Went to their preferred bank filled out a slip and deposited the money into their account 14 days later I had seeds . Easy peasy :grin:

Used my card ■■■■ cc, no problem

I used the app no issues

App… worked twice with zero hitch. super fast.

Theres an app?

P**pal is very easy.

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There’s a app for everything lol. I used my card as well. No issues and I believe I got them less than a week later.

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@Jbum What app is it? I couldnt find one.

Here ya go.

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Used my card nice an easy lol

The zellie app

My bank is fraud happy so my card did not work

■■■■■■■ was easy enough

How did you use pp?

Help please!!! How did u use pp???

@GoneFission how did you use pa

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@Kst19 @Cyle1 email customer service and they’ll send you the pp account. I’d put it here but I’m not sure if that’s OK.

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