Payment for seeds

I am new to this whole forum, but want to order seeds. I have ■■■■■■, but never used bitcoin. I also have a bank debit card. Can I use my bank debit to order? And is this the best way? Also have ■■■■■■, and notice they have crypto, can I pay that way?!! Please help

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Welcome to the community @Jjames. I just received 2 orders, paid by debit an also used the cash option both worked well for me I’m in south us

I use a debit card and it makes me go thru mesh but always works with no problems!!!

Yeah I used it and they sent a confirmation e mail! Have you any idea of the recent mailing time it’s taking lately? Since the time you order to arriving at your door?

Usually 5 days even with covid 8 most

New to the site and the Forum. Purchase my first set of seeds about two weeks ago. Was reluctant but finally pulled the trigger. Used the bank account x-fer and all went well. Did take about four business days for the payment and shipment notification to come. But ILGM was awesome and sent numerous updates on payment received, package sent and the status. Came in the mail like a CHAMP. Already have two sprouts within 48 hours after receiving. Sprouts are about 1/2 so far. AWSOME hobby so far. Can’t wait for second purchase. Bought White Widow - auto flower 10 for 10.