Paying for seeds


LOL, I wanted to pay by check and mail at a cash deposit site(cash deposit is option 2 and wouldn’t you know it… option 4 is check by mail.) I am so intelligent sometimes I slay me LOL. I will say, don’t send a wire transfer as it is real expensive. But I did just get verification of wire transfer so I am happy and excited to log on and see the pending taken of my order and shipped put there instead. :grinning:


My last order I sent ILGM cash and they give clear instructions on how to mail it out to them. I received excellent communication and when they received payment they let me know. They shipped the seeds right out and I received them a couple days later. Don’t be afraid sending cash and I’ll probably do it again next time.


@ntmaremach i was being a bonehead lol


LOL i just got the editor badge for this post. It said great for small fixes, if i had the option i would have just deleted the whole post as it was a brainfart moment.


I have more and more of them moments as I get older lol.