PAX ABV for Brownies Review

Our son, who gets all our PAX ABV (already been vaped) has been telling me this stuff is mind blowing and psychedelic. He made brownies and used 2T of the ABV in the mix and told me it was nearly as trippy as magic mushrooms. I got a little pre-made brownie kit (having failed at making good brownies from scratch) and since he always seems like a lightweight when we enjoy cannabis together (he is 32 yrs old BTW - just to clear up we are not toking with an 8 year old :rofl: ) so I added 3T of the ABV. Well, it is just better to put our texting exchange (over a period of time) from last night to get the jist:

Me: Made brownies. Used 3T ABV. Ate one an hour ago. Hooo weee! You ain’t kidding this stuff is strong

Son: be forewarned your poo will smell like the strongest weed ever

Me: I am so baked right now

Son: I am glad I am not crazy and they are actually strong. They kicked my ass the first time

Me: I am so regretting my decision to to put 3T in the mix. At this point asking myself why I ever thought weed was a good idea. AND our friends from east Texas are staying the night with us. They won’t be here until 8:30 or 9 and I really need to come down from this NOW.

Son: LMAO not to laugh at you but it’s kinda funny. I ate two tablespoons all together the other night and I had a 'I’m never smoking weed again moment." I was messed up for two days.

Me: Oh dear lord, I threw up everything and tomorrow’s breakfast, too.

Son: I have had some pretty strong stuff before and it didn’t compare to the pax weed.

Me: well, that was a rather harsh reminder that if a little is good a whole lot more is better is not necessarily the best tactic to take on trying something new.

Son: don’t forget that when you try mushrooms haha they are less forgiving than weed.

God I love this kid! So there ya have it! PAX ABV is strong. And it was a mix of everything we have been vaping for a while. If you read this far, please know that after I threw up and settled in, I felt really, really good. It was beyond trippy. I picked up a saucepan and felt the weight on my wrist but the pan seemed to be totally disconnected from the handle. Next time I will maybe do just 1 tablespoon of ABV.

And there ya have it: the Lucille Ball of older folk neophyte cannabis tokers. And yeah, we are a chatty group and can text baked apparently. But bet you guys figured that out from long posts here. :upside_down_face:

Oh, if you are wondering our friends didn’t get to the house until 12:30 AM and I was already dead to the world and let my husband take care of them.