Patience is key =)

It is my first time purchasing from ilgm and I have to give ilgm a 10/10 for shipping all the way to south africa, at first i didnt receive my order and i was doubting abit, i asked them for a reship after not receiving it in the time given thinking it was their fault meanwhile it was south africa’s postal service which was the problem. Yesterday was my birthday and I received my order today, it arrived in less than 2 weeks after asking for a reship. Thanks alot robert bergman and the ilgm team, made my birthday extra special. I will be germinating my purple haze really soon. Your company will be the only 1 i’ll be shopping from. Thanks again


I have been getting my seeds elsewhere for years. I’m am so glad everything worked out for you especially with you bday. Hearing all the great stories from people on here I plan on giving ILGM a try for my next shipment. Enjoy the Purp Haze. Cheers!


Thanks bro =) you can put your trust in them.

We are so happy to see that you are so happy. :grinning:

Let me know if you need any help with your grow. Something tells me you might know what you are doing :slight_smile:
Peace, lw


You guys made me happy…and i surely do know what i am doing, i will surely let you know if i need more seeds…thanks again =)




ILGM did what you said, il do what I said, these guys delivered what I asked for , timely and intact, I reckon stealth needs improvement but bugger me I got them, all have swollen and split, so now the little boy waits, coincidently am 2months behind on a this seasons grow due to complications with another well known seed bank, as it turns out NZ customs X-Ray everything coming from Netherlands or Belgium as a precaution, so even when they split sometimes the bean wont grow, well ILGM, your approachable, answerable and your stock appears viable, and I still am arguing and awaiting my original order/refund with your competition, we will be seeing each other again ILGM cudos 5 stars