Patchy coloured leaves and Stem stain

Hi All,

Can anyone identify the weird discolouration on the leaves and brown stem staining?

Thank you to those who read this and commented as well :+1:

I can’t right off the top of my head but to be honest I’m not even trying because there is no need to worry.
Let it grow it will be fine


Yes, I am definitely letting it grow.
If you happen to come across an answer, just let me know :innocent::+1:

It’s just normal leaf variegation (spelling?)
As long as they have not had water droplets on them when the light was on which I assume is the case

Water on plant while the light is on can cause lensing (magnifying glass effect from drops)

It will grow out of it and be fine


These discolorations could be no issue as previously stated or could be indication of a list of several causes.

It appears you are growing in coir and vermiculite. If so the plant is only getting the nutrition you give it. The nutrition schedule you choose should be based on hydroponics and contain all the nutrients the plant needs (such as Calcium).

If it is coir you also need to understand this is hydroponic setup so you will have to water frequently. Also the water you use should be pHed and dechlorinated.

Another potential for discoloration could be light induced. Small plants don’t need much light.

Look it maybe the start of calcium deficiency or some other nutrient deficiencies,im not that good with this stuff im still trying to work it out for myself but you should have a look on YouTube to see if you can find it on there

Yeah I should have said that it’s a possibility that it’s normal leaf variegation

Imo that’s probably all it is but obviously be on the watch out for any of the above

There all so a disease that is called Septoria
That makes the leaves like that but have a look on YouTube to see for ur self look up leaf disease in cannabis plants

Dollars to doughnuts it’s nothing though
I would not get to worked up about it unless it gets worse

That is not septoria, or very very very unlikely unless you are outdoors and have it in your soil and on your tomatoes. I see that on almost every seed start, first single leaves and sometimes into 3 leaves, the little ones dont start with much Juice and not much root to get it until they get there legs under them.

This is what I was thinking
Both mine started out that way (worse really if you count it’s weird, contorted, mutated leaves)


I’m glad you said it!
I had the exact same issue with one other plant…

Did yours look something like this?

After sprouting it had issues releasing the pod. So I gently peeled off the pod to expose the leaves to the light.

BTW Everyone, as I suspected, the leaf marks are lensing👍 I found the humidity at 90% rH this morning and there were droplets on the leaves…

As I wiped away the water, I saw extremely small marks beneath and I’m assuming it will discolour over time and appear as magnified glass.

Thank you so much Mr_Wormwood and everyone else who has commented. Happy growing and enjoy the buds of your labour :innocent:

Yep both of mine were squirrelly like that.