Patch's New Garden

@yoshi that growing teeth back is where they put pure minerals back in to the tooth and its right they grow back ,enamel and everything. i only know because a guy tryed to get me to invest in the minerals. i opted for the green

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I have some issues here and might need a few days. I will try and read your posts later but, I have been feeling off and reading the forum is making me nauseous.

Get better man!

latewood take all the time you need buddy. I am going to try and get up and growing, but my pain has gotten worse over the past few weeks, so I may need to get my stimulator battery installed. Of course there’s the prosthodontist too. The things you were describing in your new thread I am very familiar with, and probably lead to the end of me working. Everyone thought I was mad all the time. Well, not everyone, just the ones who thought they were my boss and weren’t, and I was in a lot of pain. You do whatever you need to do for you. I will be fine sir. Peace…

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Hey Patch! I haven’t even finished my current one yet :laughing: give us a chance! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Let me ask you this. I do not want your specific addressor personal info, but, I wasnt to ask what region or state you are in, as I have a network of strong growers, and experts who may be close to you.

Maybe I can reach out to them to help you.

Actually; I believe you mentiuoned Arizona.

I will see if anyone is in close proximity to you. Sorry you are having constant issues. Life is a bitch and it is amazong how well you appear to hold up under the circumstances.



I am from the state next to dman1969. If you dont know where he’s from, I live in the southeast. Have a good one sir!! Peace…

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Me too. Let me see if I can get permiddion to help you. :slight_smile:

We have a pretty good college football team, hint hint.

Go Tigers.

Wrong state or wrong team. An elephant never forgets these things. They sure remember that they are the national champs!!!

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Haha. Yeah, it certainly has been back and foeth the past few years.

I think you now know what state I reside in currently. We are usually last or near last in important things like vaccinations to deadly viruses. Thanks latewood, I appreciate your help in this. Peace…


Well, our atate always thrives to be 48th or 49th in education…LOL

Good thing I got my early education elsewhere… Go Tigers. :smiley:

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And we are right beside you at 1 worse or 1 better. And you really don’t need to wonder why our vaccinations are right there at the bottom. Have a great day- cutting grass and then posting my song on our music trivia type thread. I used to be in radio, so my memory is filled with songs. Also playing guitar helps with that too. So every day I post lyrics to a song and someone has to give me the song and the artist or group the quickest wins. We are past 250 songs, and I have over 30 pages of songs and lyrics I used so I don’t repeat songs. Most of the time it’s more about taking you back to the time when it was popular. I have 6 stumps in over 250 songs. I bet you’d be pretty good. If my memory doesn’t fail me then I try to include some trivia or tidbit. Grass is waiting and I am baking. Have a good day sir! Peace…


latewood- In case you are wondering, the last time I stumped our high fidelity players was 11 days ago with the song
“Around the World” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Peace…


Hey @patchman, saw you was around. Just checking to see how things was. And wandering if you started a new grow. Have a happy Thanksgiving and keep on keeping on :v:


Thanks Turbo!!
I am doing ok, got my upper teeth now and will start my grow soon. I will let everybody know when that happens. Peace…


It’s awesome to see you Brother and I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :crossed_fingers::pray::v::call_me_hand:
And I’m stoked to see your next grow! :wink::sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


Hey Patchy! I hope you’re feeling better mate :blue_heart: