Patch's New Garden

My last two plants were 13 inches tall- that’s one on top of the other. I have voted in it, but I have made no post regarding rules in the BOM. I will be happy to read them and give feedback for you. I know there are plenty of other things you’d rather be doing than getting some folks to check their facts before posting what they think is the truth. Have a good week sir! Peace…

I think those rules are fair and well written. They are also easy to find for review. I guess the only thing I was wondering about was the list of qualified applicants. Have to be from U.S. or Australia. New Zealand is still out. I dont really participate that much. I look sometimes and sometimes I will vote. Thank you for making the suggestion. Peace…


Hello @patchman ,
No big deal to me about big bud. I will get another chance with this grow of Maui Wowie. Your Tomy looks healthy as patch. Nothing better than fresh home grown. :v:
Win or lose, we are all winners. I think it is a great comp to enter and anyone can participate. I am in Australia and I did read rules before entering patch. One day I will win. :innocent:
Have a magic day


All I was addressing is the question of whether or not a Bud Pik could be entered more than once. I in no way was attempting to call anyoneout. I was saying read the tules, because I do not think there is a rule saying you cannot re-enter a losingimage more than once.

Have a happy day. I know i will :slight_smile:


Roger that Latewood-
That’s what I thought. I was just giving my take on flyinghigh’s big bud. Since you already know you’re going to have a good day I will wish you a good week! Peace…


Thanks for responding,I did get it wrong about reentering losing pics. As pointed out, everyone should read the rules so there’s no confusion.


Hey folks,
This grow is done and curing. Thanks to everyone who tried to help. I will be doing another grow soon. I will give a verdict on the white widow CBD as soon as it cures. Peace…


Nice work Patchy! :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

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Nice one, Patch! You made it! :+1: