Patch's New Garden

Got any duct tape? LOL
Enlightened420 just stalked my thread.


Hello @patchman ,
Which ever way you look at it patch, I think that you have done an amazing job given all the TLC you have given the girls. Man, I know what you mean about end results patch. I tried growing before and had no success. Critters, mother nature, and unwanted eyes Hmmmmmm.
I am no expert by no means but you have to give yourself some credit man. Trial and error for me and I was just lucky this year. Still learning here patch and I am grateful for everyone’s help.
As @BStarr said, It would be awesome just to stroll over to a mates place and share wisdom and grow techniques and blow a scoobie or 2. Sorry if I am rambling but just had some PHaze. PHewwww.
Anyway patch, in case you are wondering what happened to my big bud,

Tasty I must say.
Have a magic day and be safe


My dog! @flyinghigh is this you and one you’ve grown? That’s phenomenonal! :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


Hello @BStarr
LMAO, I actually entered this one in “Bud of the Month”. Patch put me on to it and I am definatley going to do it again. So much fun to grow. It was part of my outdoor grow this year. I wonder if I can manipulate a Maui Wowie into submission, Hmmmmm. what do you think patch?
Have a magic day
Happy Growing


Jeebus! That’s the biggest cola I’ve ever seen! :heart_eyes::purple_heart:


Right?!? That looks like a 6 liter cola!


That’s what Kaptain3d and I said. High’s big bud didn’t even make the cut in the finals. I think that was due to people not sure what they were looking at. And how big it was. Have a great night everyone!

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Did you ever get a weight on that tree trunk?

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Was it in this month’s comp? Because I didn’t see it there??

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Holy moly! She’s a beauty! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
I didn’t see this in the last BoM comp…? Is it going in next months? :thinking:
I just love how happy you look in that pic! Awesome! :joy::joy::joy:

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Hello @patchman ,
the wet weight was 4.9oz, dry 3.8, not bad for a single bud patch… It really was sheer luck that I was able to this. first time for everything. It was a ILGM GL fem and it is tasty and smells amazing.
Back in the early days patch we use to get budha sticks, and that is what it was like only 100 times bigger.
Have a magic day

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Hello @BStarr ,
I think it was back in March mate. It was worth a try. Either way I am still a winner winner chicken dinner :yum: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I am going to still enter my MW’s when they are ready.
Have a magic day


Hello @CalamityJane ,
Sorry CJ it was feb march I think. Bud is already done and stashed away for another day. Does taste mighty nice though. :yum: :crazy_face:
Have a magic day


So, once you’ve entered a bud pic, and if it doesn’t win, you can’t use that pic again in another month’s BoM comp??

I don’t believe you can use the same pic or plant.

Here’s a link to rules.


It was on May’s or April’s B O M contest. But it was a picture by itself. I think if High posts the picture with him in it, it gives it some scope on the size of it. Peace…

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Hey peeps-
So a few weeks ago I got a little 6" tomato plant for my mom. Besides the rain and flooding we have had she has still flourished. She started in one of those tiny nursery square pots, about 3" by 3". I transferred it to a two gallon fabric pot, and she took off. Here’s a picture from this morning.

You guys and gals have a good day! Peace…


Hey thanks Doggy. That stops people just entering the same pic again and again :+1:

Well @flyinghigh-
Your answers to why your colossal bud didn’t make it to the final cut last time. Just look at Bulldognuts post a few back and you will see why you can’t enter right now. It’s still a behemoth bud!!! You and the Mrs. stay safe and warm. Peace…

Well, well. you all are going to make me read the rules as written again.

As far as I know I did not omit past entries. You may not win due to the awesome buds posted each month if you enter the same bud. I think the only rule about not entering 2 months in a row has to do with “Winners”

Let us all have a read. Shall we? I will check back in tomorrow after we all have a read. :smiley:

I look forward to your feedback.