Passing a drug test


unfortunately Halloween night I got a dwi… long story short I’m on probation for 9 months… ok so I hadnt smoked since last Thursday night and got tested the next Friday…days… normally I stay clean for two weeks prior to test… but I was really pissed off at my wife that I went to a buddies house and toked it up

Ok so here is how I passed it… the night before the drug test, I pour a gallon of water into a pot. I then heat it to a boil and with three packs of palo azul… the water will turn brown
… let it cool off and start drinking it… any questions feel free to aske. me


what I think it is their method that makes it possible… back many years ago,. it was feasible


interesting! i had a company that used to test us regular kinda on the spot…you got a ticket and went to the clinic. i would stop and get a gallon of water and try to slam it down quickly.pee a time or two before you check in at the front desk.when you get your cup pee some in toilet then in cup…it has never failed me,but thats just my experince @Edward7983 they never gave us a heads
and by the way what is palo azul?


Toma asiento cuando le ptomes al paloazul


If you can go 2 weeks without smoking why not just quit for 6 months and take away the risk of failing, cause you will have to do that whole 9 months in jail… Why are you not worried about them busting you cause if you fail that’s the first thing they are going to do search your house and property…


sounds like yur one of the guys…


you do have a valid point there stoned… but it usually takes three or more positives for them to react… from now on to play it safe… im. gonna stay clean for 2 weeks and detox the day of possible test… if I can beat the system then why not… no one is getting hurt… its a victimless crime… lol


You can buy synthetic urine from the internet. It worked for me but they used an instant test and didn’t send it to the lab.


So I got called into the office… Go drug test! Went home, smoked a bong load drank a bottle of water 16 oz., grabbed a rockstar on the way down, pissed in the parking lot went in and filled the cup long story short I passed and my coworker who bought the fake piss failed ( temp was off instant fail), water to flush rockstar runs right thru color is there and so is creatine and other b vitamins etc.
Don’t tell anybody…


Hi, did anybody figure out what palo azul is? Mike



Palo Azul is aTea to pass a drug test



Thanks Garrigan62, long time since I have spoken to you. Hope all is well with you. Mike



Hey Mike, yes i’m doing ok for now. I hope you are well Mile



Hey @StonetotheBone, thanks for your reply. It has been 21/2 weeks since I have smoked and I have one more week until my Drs. appointment. After 30 yrs. of smoking everyday, I hope I will pass. I know I am very crabby! Where can I get this tea at? I hope you are doing well and thanks for your input. Later, Mike


Thanks man, I appreciate it. Mike


Look up passing a drug test and click on the 1 that says THC clean…


You can see what it says about paluo…


Palo Azul, aka kidney wood… it helps detoxify you… … I haven’t failed a drug test yet… maybe it’s the Palo Azul, or maybe it’s just that I drink so much water that it clears me out


normally I wait two weeks before my probation… but the other night I went to a bar with a buddy and got drunk and said ftw, I’m gonna smoke mj… 8 solid days of being clean and I didn’t come out dirty


The deer is drink, excise, eat and rest…