Pass drug test after being in marijuana grow room


If you just smell growing marijuana, is it possible to fail a drug test? I’m not talking about second-hand smoke—just the plant’s odor.

Odors emitted from growing marijuana plants aren’t cannabinoids. They are classified as mono- and di-terpenes along with flavonoids that are similar in chemical makeup to other plant odors. Smelling them does not bring you into contact with any THC, and drug tests won’t pick up on anything. Secondhand smoke, however, has some THC and a hyper-sensitive test might find it. To avoid the perplexing nature of “sidestream” contact, most tests have a higher threshold of detection.



No, you are safe. Drug tests measure the amount of metabolites that are in your Urine, Hair, Saliva, or Blood. Metabolites are The results of the THC being broken down by the bodies metabolic reactions. No THC in, no metabolites out.



Ive had a couple positives from trimming…
I have, on more than one occasion been baked just from trimming… yet long hours 3-4 of…
I suppose, if one gets high from transdermal contact and/or second hand smoke… you may fail your text…