Parts Per Million Please


Hey folks . I read about growers that never measure parts per million , very successful growers. And then there are growers that Only use ppm to measure their nutrient strength.
I use General Hydroponics flora trio with liquid Kool Bloom and FloraliciousPlus.
This girl (Super Skunk ) is in a hydro bucket and in the seventh week of flower. My ppm has never gotten over 800. And usually runs about 500.
How is it, that I read about growers running up to 1600 ppm ? What on earth are they putting in their plants?
I mix my nutes at half strength because in the past I’ve seen tip burn if I used any more.


Clearly whatever you are doing is working for you! Beautiful flowers. I think some people push nutes harder on their plants in order to try and get more weight. I am a hydro guy and try to feed them what they are telling me they want, so I use PPM measurements to get a gauge on what that is. For example, my Gold Leaf seems to hate ever going above 800ppm, and currently seems to want to be right around 650. My Super Silver Haze seems to want to be around 1100 right now. Both are in week 4 of flower. If I see a plant drinking a ton of water and PPMs going down a lot, then I raise PPMs. If I see them drinking a ton of water and no PPM reduction, then I lower PPMs. If I see them not drinking water then I have other issues I need to address. :smiley:


You sure you’re not confusing hydro with soil growers? That could potentially be why. I’m sure some hydro guys run them high too, but I don’t regularly see them that high.


I’m a Ebb and flow hydro grower and use the GH trio with liquid KoolBloom, calmag as needed. I usually keep the PPM’s at the lower end on the scale on a recirculating chart.

I just started the Early Growth week and my PPM’s are at 1040.


Even though she’s healthy and doing well , I’m possibly not pushing her to full potential ? What strength are you mixing your nutrients ?


You will note that the schedule GH uses has ranges not set numbers each strain is slightly different and there are other variables such as that the feed schedule they give is not for MJ
Lower ppm is a very effective way to go if you can keep ph stable and plants healthy if you have very good handle on plants environment as well. In warmer temps ppm should be lower plants drink more cool temps plants drink less so almost need force feeding


@Donaldj does using silica help uptake nitrogen or other nutrients? I am curious if it could make nitrogen more available in hydro, and therefore potentially put you at risk of a nitrogen lockout. Asking for a friend. :slight_smile:


In my opinion your plant looks amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing.


silicate is in everything whole grow if you were in soil potassium silicate is structure for plant cells and bonds with calcium to form stalks and trunks. It may or may not bond with Calcium Nitrate most common source of Cal for plants but typically silicate is cut by mid bloom since plants are no-longer stretching and needing the extra structure