Partial harvest


Have a question can you partial harvest


If you have stuff done. But some under growth needs to finish up.


Yes you can… it’s done all the time… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


I did on my last white widow harvest. I broke it up into two separate harvests staggered about two weeks apart. That plant gave me 8.85 oz of manicured bud.


Thanks bros have some on top that’s almost done.


Your in good hands here these foke are giving you sound advice…great job you guy’s and gal’s



hey will,when you do this…taking mature buds leaving others to ripen,is it called ‘‘monster cropping’’ i kinda was wandering if there was a certain term that identified this practice…thank you


Monster cropping is a whole different thing. What you are talking about has no " Name " It’s just a way to increase your yield and potency just a bit that’s all.



gotcha will,i was just wandering this morning…lol thanks again!


Thanks, came on here to find out if this was a good practice and it seems it is. I have some buds on the outside that are nearing 50-60% brown hairs while others on the inner branches are not as far along. I don’t want to spoil the ones that are almost ripe while waiting on the slower flowers to catch up.

Thanks for the answers! :slight_smile: