Partial Harvest -- Will Remaining Buds Grow or Mature?

When I cut the last plant of my 1st grow, I decided to leave a few of the larfy, little buds on the interior of the plant and keep it in the grow room for a while to see if the buds would grow or mature. Here’s what I see.
Harvested 5-6-22 and two weeks later (today).

At harvest

After 2 weeks

Doesn’t look worth it. Those look very immature. Sure the first buds were done?

Oh yeah, she was over ready according to trichs. This is the interior growth. I figured what the heck, I’m running all my equipment… But, it does not really seem worth it. I just always remember the days I was completely void of smoke or could not afford to buy a fan leaf – over the past 50 years. So, I get a little weird about letting go and not trying to get every little toke I can find. :disguised_face:


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No harm in trying, right.

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