Partial Harvest Part II - Outdoor Blueberry Photos

Hey @MidwestGuy and @oldmarine ; calling on you because I’ve seen you responding to other similar topics on Harvesting. Not to mention the fact that I can rely on you men to provide reliable, albeit conflicting opinions :wink: Oh, let’s not forget @Myfriendis410 ALWAYS helpful! Sooooo…here we go!
This here gal took-off in late June. Outdoors - Blueberry Photo-Fem. I noticed early-on that the cola flowers did not have the same density nor trichome production as “lower” flowers. Neither did they have the same “bright” coloring or fragrance. I said to myself “…hmmm”. Now I’m at a time where I’m considering harvesting a fair amount of the top flowers while trying to continue the flower production down-south. As you can see she’s a big gal at ~7.5’ and I truly don’t want to stress her out too much. FWIW - on 9/7 PM, I did hit her with the 50/50 H20 and Hydrogen Peroxide for some Powdery Mildew - there were a few areas affected, but more of a preventative. Another BBF gal was more affected than this one.


I’m not sure what your question is. Staged harvest? I usually do a staged harvest, taking off the top colas first, then will wait a week and then harvest the lower buds.


Yes, I suppose a staged harvest is an appropriate phrase.
This gal has four main, and very tall 7’+, colas.
Can I safely remove all four - only removing the desired harvest site ~2+/- feet from the top?

I examine trichomes on flower (a couple of calyxes per flower) and harvest them as they mature. The progression is usually colas, then upper secondary flowers, then lower bud sites. They don’t all mature/ripen at the same time.

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Makes sense…being a NOOB this year.
The main cola flowers never were what I would consider “prime” in trichome production and are probably way past harvest. Regardless, now’s the time to do so.
Should I simply cut the cola at desired height? I mean…just chop it off?

I leave a little stem on flowers that I cut off. It helps slow down drying time a bit and it leaves something solid to bend to assess moisture content. I’ve recently seen posts here where some people are using moisture meters to assess when the dry is complete. You can probably search posts here and read about what and how they do it. I’ve never used a meter and just rely on experience.

Thanks. I’m don’t intend to use a meter.
“Leave a little stem on flower” Well, there isn’t much stem other than the main colas themselves. Am I safe to cut the colas? Just making sure…

Here’s pic of one of my harvested flowers (with stem.) I’m not really sure what your question is or what you are concerned about.

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I’ve only harvested four plants - cut and dry the whole plant. This partial or staged harvest is new to me. I couldn’t find any information in Green’s Grow Bible.
So the method is to remove the flowers from the cola, but don’t just chop 2’ of cola from the plant. Okay - I’ll see what stem growth I have to work with using this very selective approach.

Not sure if I’ll be of any help …
Last week I found a cabbage looper bored through the top of one of my prettiest colas

I cut the part out it was in …

Then the next day saw a little more remaining rot from him feeding
Then I removed the entire cola
Plant is fine