Partial Harvest OK?

Lat night, I did a partial harvest of my ripest flowers (my favorite Jack Herrer). The trichomes were turning amber and I have lots of amber threads but the tops of the flowers are still growing with white shoots. The flowers got substantially bigger in the last few days, but even with the SCROG, there are some smaller buds underneath the top ones that could use some more time, so I let them be.
(The pictures don’t do justice, so I am not posting).

Do you think this method is OK, and should I continue this method of harvesting?
The ones I harvested looked and smelled amazing! My LED light grow, what a difference! and they stay cool.


It’s called selective harvest. You’re good to go! Take them as they ripen


It also sounds like foxtailing. Meaning the buds can potentially be finished and throwing new pistils at the same time. Pictures? That’s the only way one can determine foxtailing on another’s plant.

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Thanks! Appreciate it.

Is foxtailing a good thing? I’ve never heard of it.

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It’s neither a good thing nor a particularly bad thing. Most people don’t like it because it makes the buds not look picture perfect but it’s mostly aesthetic


Best explanation of fox tailing I’ve read is that it’s just the bud trying to make another bud on top of a bud…


Absolutely, I harvested 2/3 of a auto and put the lower 1/3 back under the light for a week and the lower buds fattened up real nice. After drying the lower 1/3 netted me almost an ounce


Yes, I think they are trying to make more flowe on top and get bigger, so I feel Imshould let them grow for a bit longer…?

I like the way they look, actually. Shouldn’t I let them grow and be bigger for a bit longer?

I wouldn’t. The real problem with foxtails is that they are indeed producing more calyx (buds are calyx clusters). Which are covered in tricomes. But here’s the thing. Those new calyx aren’t representative of the majority of your plant. So if you harvest when the tricomes on fox tails are “ready”. The majority of your tricomes, which are inside the original buds and you can’t even see, are way past optimal maturity and are degrading. So if you harvest based off of foxtails you are gonna have some very strong couchlock weed that has already passed peak maximum of thc+couchlock.

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That’s some solid advice :love_you_gesture:

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