Partial flip for preflower...?

My plants are 15"-36" . They just started preflower a week ago. I have 3 Indica, 1 Sativa and 1 exotic hybrid. Exotic is taller than others. 36" and space top 12". I gave nutes for 1st time since end of august tonight. 1/2 dose FF big bloom, 1/4 dose FF open sesame, and FF flower kiss foliar. These clones apparently came from a monster crop during flower stage. from the feedback on here. Had nute and mite issues early on but corrected them. Got them as preteen July 27th …so they have been in veg almost 4 months. They are getting 9 dark/15 light tonight. Am I doing the right thing flipping them now…???

This is the tall lanky one hybrid Pink Gorilla. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.


They look mature enough to flower. Remember they will stretch 1.5-3x the size they are now :v::bear:

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Wasn’t sure bcuz the branches are a little thin. I have one with nice thick branches. I defoliated last weekend and they were bushy in 1-2 days again.

Easing them into flower just like natural light would do. A little more dark each day until I am at 12/12


Gradually reducing the lights off time will help reduce the stretching too


Is it necessary to do the 36 hours total dark before flipping…??? My outdoor plants didnt get that so I figured these don’t either…???

You do the 36-48 hours of darkness before harvest not before flipping to 12/12


OMG…did the 9/15 last night and tonight is 11/13. I looked at them after work today and the are 3 inches taller…:grinning:

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Going through flowering stretch sounds like

Full 12/12 now…they doubled in size in a week. Now all my questions are about feeding. Giving 1/4 dose big bloomz, 1 tbsp blackstrap mollasses, 1/2 cal-mag every other and flower kiss foliar daily…hope this is right… :thinking:

I would back off the foliar feeding. You’re usually only supposed to do that once or twice throughout the entire grow. Do you have the feeding chart for your nutrients?

How long after flip does it take to show pistils…???

All depends on the plant and how mature it is going into flower. Usually a week or two after flipping to 12/12

I just found out I need veg and bloom light together…lol


Updated pics…should I trim them??

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I would think about taking off the bottom third of the plant before flower because those lower branches won’t produce much and more energy will be spent in the branches toward the top. You can also thin out the middle of some of the larger fan leaves to allow light penetration

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Believe it or not I defoliated 1 week ago. Those plants were sticks and within 1-2 days this is how they looked again…lol

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@MattyBear if I take of bottom third can I use those branches for clones??? I have my clone equip already if its possible…???

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Absolutely! That’s where I take the majority of my clones from