Parkinson's Disease

Looking for advice on strains, best form for treatment and good or adverse reactions stories.

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I have talked to anyone on the forum with Parkinson’e but I would imagine there is a ton on the net. Are you considering buying seed and growing for treating Parkinson’s?

I personally don’t think you can go wrong with Blue Dream, OG Kush, AK47, just to name a few.

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I just ordered Blueberry, I probably should have ordered Blue Dream then? It was another 30 dollars for Blue Dream.

Blueberry will do you just fine. Blue dream is always a little more expensive, I was just pointing out some of my favorite strains that helps with my issues

Thanks, as I get a little more into this I will likely order Blue Dream. I’ve only ever grown whatever seeds I could get from regular bags with success though I had to watch carefully for male plants and nip them. I did have a White Widow clone two years ago that did well though it was small, I got a late start. That was pretty great.

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I’m growin a white widow auto tight now, almost 2 weeks old

Do not have any personal experience other than I had a patient that I learned after I left the VA had been using cannabis for his Parkinson’s. Coincidentally, or not, he had the fewest symptoms of any Parkinson’s patient I ever saw. Just flipped over to a web site for medical cannabis and there are five that are favored for Parkinson’s Disease. Robert has the #1 recommended strain.

Amnesia Haze Sativa Patients of Parkinson’s Disease will appreciate how uplifting this strain is; it’s known to give a delightful energetic high while you smoke its delicious earthy flavor with hints of citrus and lemons. Amnesia Haze is a great citrusy sativa that is recommended for daytime use. This strain also helps to give relief from stress while promoting creativity. Amnesia Haze is effective in combating depression, fatigue, aPd pain too.

Bubba Kush Indica Patients who suffer from insomnia, pain, depression, and stress as a result of Parkinson’s Disease will benefit from using Bubba Kush. In fact, Bubba Kush is known for being one of the most potent relaxing indica strains out there.

Blackberry Kush Indica This strain will alleviate depression and stress, relaxes you, and will help you feel more euphoric. If getting into creative activities helps you deal with Parkinson’s more effectively, even if it’s as simple as listening to music, this is an excellent choice. This strain has potent anti-fatigue and anti-spasticity properties that you will appreciate.

Cherry Kola Indica does a fantastic job at producing calming and euphoric effects. It’s one of the most popular choices for patients who are also coping with stress, insomnia, fatigue, and headaches. If you are looking for a strain that will make you feel good instantly, look no further than Cherry Kola!

ChemDawg Hybrid Many patients with Parkinson’s Disease find relief in strains that are rich in THC such as Chemdawg. This strain is valuable in the medical community because of its ability to treat chronic migraines, depression, anxiety, appetite loss, and pain.

Thought this might help narrow down the choices. I did not realize that they have been using this in Europe since the 19th century (1800’s). DAMN, are we behind the times or what. They were prescribing a tincture of Indica for it. There is a LOT of info out on the internet, I got this off a medical site that I still have access to. Jerry


Thanks for all of the great information! This is exactly what I was looking for. :slight_smile:

Blueberry is great but I personally like Blue Dream a lot more. They are both great strains and will likely help with Parkinsons.

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Glad I could help ! I worked as P.A. for over 20 years and in medicine for over 40 years.

I still have access to medical journals and if I run across any research on it I will forward it to you if you would like. Are you a Parkinson’s patient or Family/Friend that has it ?

Add on info:
Most of the articles that I read state that oil is better than smoking but smoking will work. Good luck on your quest for a good treatment. From what I have read, cannabis is a front line treatment but the legality is making it harder to treat in the U.S.A. Jerry

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My 83 year old mother has it and has gone far beyond regular tremors. I believe you call it extrapyramidal (sp?) motion. (I’m still half asleep today at work :-)). If you can imagine those goofy windsock people out in front of car dealerships that have that exaggerated movement in the wind, that is pretty much what she is suffering from. She has broken her back, her pelvis, her orbital bone - forgive me, I’m not up today on the bone structures of the face - but it is the bone just below the eye. She is stubborn, keeps cleaning house and refuses to stop. My dad takes her out everyday to do the shopping even though she is in a nursing home. They stay at my brother’s house during the day and so she cleans it constantly - she does it at the nursing home too so either environment is dangerous. They both went to see her Parkinson’s doctor last week and asked about cannabis treatment and he said to them, while he could not prescribe it, he has many patients who use it with good results. My 85 year old Dad has agreed to give it a try now that their doctor has basically approved it with some cautions… try a quarter dose first to check for reactions and to not knock her out for the day. Go from there. I personally have multiple broken bones that are developing arthritis around the breaks and have torn many tendons. On top of that I went to India in October and got sick. I had to take Cipro and now I’m dealing with side effects from that. I have been taking pain medication for over 11 years (as needed - I go through about 30 pills every 90 days or so, the prescription is for four pills per day so I’m not addicted but I’d like to try something gentler - Blueberry or Blue Haze). Hooray.
So, anyway… way more information than you needed right! Thanks again and after I get a chance to try out an oil for my mother I’ll let you know the results. Anne


Thanks for the info Anne. This is a tough disease, more so on the people that are the caregivers than the patients. The effects on the patients are widespread and very concerning when it is your parents. I ran across an article the other day on starting doses for patients and how to titrate up (increase doseage), unfortunately I can’t remember exactly where right now. I will try to look it up tonight for you. Good Luck. Jerry

PS: If you need to vent, I will be glad to listen. My mom died of Alzheimer’s AND Parkinson’s together. I could not take care of her, we had to put her in a nursing home. Sad thing to have to do to your parents but sometimes it all you can do. Take care.