Parfactworks ZE 1000 vs Photontek XT Pro

Just looking to see if any have used either of these lights?

Parfactworks ZE1000-$832 US

There’s not a lot of reviews on this light, there are some on their site, but obviously they’re all glowing reviews(no pun intended). I do like the additional uv, I also like the far red

Photontek XT1000 co2-$1499 US

There’s a lot of info on this led. Quality is there, 5 year warranty, room to grow ( pun intended), expensive.

Looking to grow in a 5x5 Gorilla Shorty w/ 9" extension. Will use CO2. Grow medium will be HP Pro Mix Myco +Bio using Build-A-Soil amendments. AC Infinity inline 6 in a closed loop setup. Will run AgroMax pure uv. Ambient room temperature is around 68°F and Rh 75%.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or opinions.

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My bad…just showing specs…you can delete the post if you want.

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I don’t know alot about either light but a quick glance I see the Photon doesn’t have ir light which it’s my understanding that ir light gives you better light penitration than a light without it

I haven’t used either, but significant price difference is noted. If you’re willing to spend $1500 shouldn’t be difficult to find some lights that have a lot of support from customers.

What i know about the PhotonTek is that it is massive. It can flower a 6x6 area without CO2.

Coco for cannabis dot com did a great review on it.

If I ever do a 6x6, which may be on the horizon, this light is most likely my choice.

I’m pretty sure hanging height is an important parameter with this light too.

Thanks…I appreciate your thoughts


So I still haven’t decided on a light, but have taken everyone’s thoughts into consideration…
I’ve decided against Parfactworks and I am very interested in a Scynce Raging Kush II. Anyone have any thoughts on or grow with this light?

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That’s a nice light! It’ll grow great bud for sure.

There are tons of great lights available. For your 5x5 with CO2, I’d go with the 1000w photontek for sure. The Scynce light is only 650. That extra 350w will make a HUGE difference in yield.

Just out of curiosity, what’s your goal with the 5x5?

Also, I might suggest to upping your ventilation to an 8in ACInfinty

Your absolutely correct, there are a lot of great lights out there… that’s where my indecisiveness comes in. I would like my light to be:
1). Made in the U.S.A. (5 Year Warranty).
2). As wide a light spectrum as possible.
3). Capable of “Seed” to “Harvest”.
4). Good BTU management.
5). Suitable for low ceiling height.

It seems you really have to look closely at what a 5 year warranty means to each manufacturer. I definitely felt naive after going through some of the offered warranties from various manufacturers.

I would like a light spectrum from uvb to nir. That’s probably not going to happen any time soon I’m sure. It may be advantageous to not have uvb built into the light as to afford better controllability (using a dedicated uva/uvb t5 and fixture) and reduce the high cost of uv LED’s.

“Seed to Harvest”-again, as wide a spectrum as possible. Control over that light spectrum could be a great tool.

Using co2 in a closed loop means temps can be higher, however temps still need to be managed closely.

Then there is a height requirement of 78 inches.

I think your suggestion for an 8" inline fan is a good one. For only $50 more you have the additional cmf’s which allows you the luxury of the added headroom.

I have a bunch of lights.

My first light was an Amazon Blurple. I used it to Veg a couple grows. Now it’s collecting dust.

I have 3 HLG 260w kits. In one 3x3 I have 2 260w kits and a HLG 30w UVA light. I have those turned down to a total of 400w in that tent.

In another 3x3 I have a 260w kit turned all the way up. The plants love it.

I also have a HLG BSpec 135w kit to Veg.

I have my sights on an HLG 600RSpec refurbished. I’ll probably get that in a couple weeks once their sale starts

Check out Hortilux’s 700w light if you want spectrum.

Great US company

I did, thank you for the suggestion. I think it’s for sale at a msrp of $1099. Spec’s if I recall are a little light in PPFD. Would like to be around 1200.

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