Parasite? Help please

Hey all, having to pull a few outdoor plants up as they are dying off. Seems there roots are being strangled by a parasite or something.

Need any advice

I’ve never seen anything like that?? I’ll have more time later and I’ll try to find something on it :nerd_face:

From what I can find out they are “root knot nematodes” I can’t link the article but if you search them I’m sure you can find some ways to help get them under control. Good luck

Seems ill have to shift my garden bed for a while. Pretty hard to treat. Ive read we are to sow in mustard seed. Let grow to 45cm then dig into the moist soil. Its supposed to release gases into the soil amd fumigate and help control them. (CSIRO)

It’s times like this that I’m so glad I’m an indoor grower. I can’t imagine the random difficulties
the outdoor growers face.

Can you dig the bed out about 3 feet, line it with garden sheeting and refill with a choice soil?
On second thought, that sounds really expensive. Like STUPID expensive. Just forget I
suggested it.

Maybe see if a lawn care company has a way to treat or kill them off? The mustard seed thing
sounds very time consuming and no guarantee it will kill them all.

I done a bit of extra research and fortunately live in an area where they grow plenty of fruit and vegetables, so was able to pick up some fast growing seed from there for less than $10 ready in 4 weeks. …
They seemed to think it’ll take 75% of the problem away, and with fresh manures and composts I should be able to replant in 3 months time.

Lucky for me I also grow indoors… :wink:

They had another nemicide product although only sold in 25kg bags… haha

Yeah the soil replacement would be rather expensive…