Paraphernalia, 35 years later

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And these are the best ones I’ve made ever.

Gotta love today’s methods… :slight_smile:


They look great


They look yummy! Have you looked into the Wiikiti grinder/cone stuffer? That’s actually how it’s spelled i had to triple check lol. They’re pretty cool.


I have not actually looked into that but thank tou very much for the suggestion.

I actually like the hand loading and tamping for some weird reason… it’s strangely satisfying…and besides, these 6 small joints will last us a month or longer. We are such small users, we don’t need more efficiency or volume.


Lol! That would last me 2 days! One before dinner, one after, and another before bed. I’m not usually a wake’n’bake guy, mornings are reserved for caffeine!



I had a 35 year abstinence… so my tolerance is very low! :innocent:


I had that same thought in 2020, told Mrs.Bunger64 to not let me do anything important, lol. Was a heavy smoker till 95 back to smoking now, I have been growing my own for a year now, and have learned a lot of cool things on my short journey.


Thats what im worried about :joy: i take a couple drags at a time either through my gpen or my old school pipe. I hated the dispensary weed in my pipe it was super harsh amd id cough a lot but cured zkittles is amazing in it so im super excited about that! I used to smoke joints in high school but we would share them and id never have to roll them. Im gonna grab some of these cone things now thanks @VirginiaGrowBoy :hugs:

I feel like my gpen doesnt get me as high as my pipe…


Beans and buds has such a nice ring to it.


I do love smoking a fresh new joint. Those look really nice! I can’t wait to try some of my home grown in the next few weeks or a month :pray::grin:

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Hey,bartender, six pack homegrown naturals to go please, raw of course.

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I’m sure you would figure it out anyway, but otherwise, they come with a little hollow packing stick.

Just add a layer of ground up weed at a time, then gently pack it down lightly with the stick. Work your way up gently to the end one layer at a time and leave yourself just enough room to twist and seal the end.

It took me maybe 10 minutes to make those 6.

I’m just thrilled to have hemp rolling papers: they are SO superior to rice paper rolling paper.

I smoked home-rolled cigarettes for many years so rolling a doobie is a no-brainer.



If you don’t mind me asking, what brand and size so I can look them up?

And random thought: How did the word “doobie” ever get started!

I use the Raw 120 mm ones IIRC.

Good question! I used the word ‘spliff’ and very few had heard of that one either.

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Ok, I started with this

And 4 minutes later had this

I like cramming a strip of business card rolled up in the end, then open it back up. I have 1 lazy thumb and always have a loose end to my joints, packing it in with the filter is a cheat to make it even and burn slowly.

A joint like this will last me 20 minutes, usually get between 30 and 40 good full tokes.


Thank you for showing this.

You are a pro!

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Over 40 years of practice! :rofl: Rolled nice and tight, those 3 weigh 2 grams. Filters make it so easy to puffpuffpass, never burn your fingers! :laughing:


I’m jealous! My tolerance is so bad recently. I’m running through an ounce of flower plus edibles concentrates a week.



That’d put me in the poor house.

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