Paraphernalia, 35 years later

After smoking again about a year ago just with a pipe and rolling joints, I finally went to a modern cannabis paraphernalia shop and Holy Crappola… have things ever changed in 35 years! What a treat! I was like a kid in a candy shop!

I bought my first grinder, my first blount tips, my first blunt tubes and 3 or 4 other things!

When I first walked in, I got a laugh from the owner when I said, “Do you have any joint rolling machines?” She said, we don’t sell many of those but let me show you what might be a better substitute.

I was amazed what was availabile.

Loved it!

These younger generations really improved on what we had in the early 80s.


Look at loose leaf vape devices: gives you all of the flavor, a potent hit and doesn’t burn the cellulose.

I still like rolling spliffs though.


Things have changed somewhat, but all this exists because people like us kept using and growing even though some tried to eliminate the devils weed.
We all have fond memories of the 70s, or at least what we can remember of them…LOL


@VirginiaGrowBoy I went into our local legal growers to ask a couple of questions, that was cool but the dispensary had just opened to legaly sell and WOW I never imagined, I felt like you. Things I never imagined when i was a youngster happened. Lol :laughing:


One of my most used was a navy pen pipe. Homemade, government issued black pen, the spring, a dime, the 3/8 collar, some masking tape. Then came the dugout.



Sorry for my ignorance, but what is a spliff?

Maybe it’s slang for a joint, I don’t know. :potted_plant: Hadn’t heard of that term

I’m curious…

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That it is. But that’s an old term too.


They got so many gadgets and gizmos for smoking and vaping it’s almost ridiculous lol. Gimme some JOB papers for $.99 and a 2 pack of Swisher Cigarillos. I have 1 pipe, 1 bong. I’m no good with dab rigs i can never get the temp good on the banger.


Most of us… :laughing: I do recall the late 80s though.


LOL, I wasn’t old enough to start smoking until the late 90s in Junior High School :laughing:

I still prefer smoking real bud in joints, then my bong, then glass pipes, then anything else. I have tried so many concentrates and portable dab pens, but the ‘high’ just isn’t the same. I tried Dab rigs in the past, but I don’t think my lungs like those because I’ve gotten sick within a week each time I’ve tried. (sick, as in, bronchitis or upper respiratory crap)

I cheat, tho… I buy the 50 or 100 packs of Raw Cones and I pack joints that way… I could never develop a technique for hand rolling with papers, HAHA! :rofl:


That be me too.


When I started back in '79 as a kid, had to roll the paper around a pencil, twist an end, and pack it with weed! I hate pipes, only smoke joints unless it’s not mine, but after 43 years people think my joints came out of a machine!


So, @Spudgunner if joints and pipes aren’t your thing, what is your preferred method to smoke?

And I’m outta “likes” for a couple hours, LOL


Maybe dating myself some here but a spliff is actually marijuana and tobacco combined in the same rolled paper.
Both tobacco and marijuana in a bong bowl. Is called chop. At least thats what I always called it.

@VirginiaGrowBoy get yourself one of these.

This is a dry herb table top vaporizer. This particular one, has the remote and a built in fan. You can use the fan to fill bags full of vape or blow the hits right into your mouth. No burning involved. What your left with is this.
while most if not all THC is boiled off while you smoke. There is still much cannabinoids in vaped flower. CBN and CBG some cbd also if not vaped too hot. Makes for a very relaxing cookie if infused into butter or oil. This is the 4th one of this same model ive owned over a span of 10-12 years. Its a very enjoyable “smoke”
Bongs have come along way too. In the back is my puffco peak pro, its for dabbing concentrates. Its a smart bong.

Excuse all my nose spray bottles, me and the misses have a hefty Afrin addiction.


This is an e-nail. Set desired temp and dab away! Same principle as the puffco but only a 100 dollar price tag. The puffco is pretty spendy.


@OhioIndoorGrower Like I said, I only smoke joints unless it’s not mine. If you lit up a bowl of yours, I’d smoke it! :rofl: :100:


You been smoking weed longer then I have been alive my friend. Love the Bill The Cat avatar.


OhhH! @Spudgunner I misread that! Sorry! LOL :rofl: ONLY Joints, gotcha! That’s my preferred, too :heart:

@Docnraq What kind of e-nail (if that’s what it’s called) is that and where did you get it? Does that fit onto any bong you want? What temp do you run in that?

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It does fit any bong. I got it from discount enails. com

The temp depends on what Im dabbing. lower the better. You can even look at what terps are in your concentrate, find what temp they boil at and set your temp just above that. Tastes so good!


In some circles it was a joint mixed with weed and tobacco. Where i was a spliff was a weed tobacco mix. But it seems to be regional as to its exact meaning. As stated some use it as just a MJ joint.