Paranoid in Texas

South Houston here. Have shipped and received seeds many times. Seeds aren’t illegal to own here. It’s when you germinate them where it becomes a problem. But whose going to know you germinated them?


The only problem I have ever had was resolved by one of the fulfillment angels and I have been ordering since the end of 2015 . The grow Bible and support forum are invaluable for beginners like I was also

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If you scared than don’t even do it , unless you growing autos so you don’t blow your ticker out your chest from unnecessary anxiety , cause you will need every gram of it for sure lmao , but the best way to do it is to not tell anyone nothing , not even your other self ! Autos 8 weeks 56 -73 days most indica strains , sativas can be a bit longer in some cases as to a photo in flower depending on breeder , strain , etc . Most if not all seed dispensaries ship stealth to all 50 I believe , are you can request it. You can always drive :red_car: and get them from a in a state legal in case ? It’s many avenues you can think of , but if you paranoid than that’s personal and only you can decide on that one cause they can grow really big and stank very bad in some strains.

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Excellent point! I live in North Houston, small world.


Sorry for the delay in answering, the forum locked me out for 24 hours because I’m a newbie. 🤷
I have spare bedroom closet that measures about 4’X5.5’. The house has an HVAC system. There is no electricity in the closet but a short extension cord can remedy that.

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If I were you, the first thing I’d figure out would be ventilation in and out of the closet. Could I vent up through the ceiling into an attic? Could I remove the closet door to expose a tent to the rest of the room?

Using an extension cord is okay, but you’ll want to be careful. I’d consider adding a 20 amp circuit or two in the closet. If I had to hire an electrician, I’d explain I had a Bitcoin mining rig going in (one per circuit).


Venting to the attic is easy, the room is on the second floor. Are we venting for heat, smell, both? Also, Bitcoin?

The most essential inputs of a grow are lighting (photons) and fresh air (for the CO2). Almost all of us provide CO2 through ventilation to the house, which in turn should be exchanging air with the outside as a matter of course.

We might also need to ventilate to get rid of heat or to adjust humidity.

Smell is actually an obstacle when trying to ventilate. We use disposable carbon filters with good success. You can also use recirculating filters in the same room as your tent for additional security.

I gave you a plausible reason to get an outlet placed in a closet. Or you could tell an electrician in Texas you want to grow weed.

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:joy: I know zero about Bitcoin. I googled it, had no idea Bitcoin was “mined”. I am learning a lot in a weekend on this forum.
If I were going to start four or five plants, how big of a tent would you recommend?

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If I were you, I would carefully confirm the size of the closet. I forgot to ask if your closet is 5’ wide or 5’ deep. We also need to know the height of your closet.

I would expect to average 1 ounce per square foot every 4 months, understanding that you’re new to this and also that setbacks will happen. I would think about it that way, instead of number of plants. I’d also want to know how you’re growing; whether you’re growing plants from seed, or cutting clones off mother plants.

You’re going to go through 4 distinct phases:

  1. Seedling
  2. Vegetative
  3. Bloom
  4. Harvest/drying/curing

Vegetative plants are getting more than 14 hours of light per day (commonly 18), and they’re growing in size quite rapidly. If you’re pruning the plant to shape growth, or training it to bend, this is the time to do that. But alternatively, you can cut down the vegetative period a bit by growing more plants.

In bloom, plants will stretch out a bit at first. This varies A LOT depending on genetics. But after a few weeks of 12/12 they’re mostly just focused on producing compounding calyxes (aka buds).

You can buy tents that are subdivided, so you have one area for blooming plants, and another for vegetative growth. Some even have an additional area for seedlings. I mention that because the right way to grow for medical relief, IMO, is search for specific plants (not strains) that offer relief; from there, you should grow clones of that plant. This is an easy process.

For example, if your wife found Bubba Kush gave her migraine relief, you’d source some seeds that purport to be Bubba Kush. Then you’d grow a few mother plants, cut clones which you’d then put into bloom, harvest, and ingest. You can keep bringing in new seeds to test against the performance of your existing mother plants, and cull the ones that don’t hold up.

It’s also fine to just grow new plants from seed to harvest and accept variability. Don’t let me discourage you from keeping it simple. Just understand that there is a way to get consistency through cloning mother plants.

I hope this is informative and not intimidating. If you have questions or need clarification, let me know.


so the closet is just over 5’ deep and is 4’ wide just under 8’ in height

I was thinking of trying a seed high in CBD like Harlequin Fem.

When you talk about clones, is this the process of cutting a small shoot and growing it?

Do you have a particular brand of tent or model you prefer?

I find all of this fascinating. I smoked literal ditch weed as a kid growing up in a kansas farm town. Occasionally somebody would score something with a real head high but that was rare.
When I was in Colorado on vacation I was blown away by the efficacy of the cannibas we bought. I knew then I was going to grow, but now it is getting very interesting. I appreciate your help a lot, and I will be asking a lot of questions. Let me know if I become an annoyance.



What gave her migraine relief? What did the flower smell like, if you remember?

Yes, clones are cuttings from already rooted plants. A clone cutting can be small or large.
@Hellraiser has a well-documented thread on his process.

I don’t. I believe people are really pleased with the newest AC Infinity grow tents, but I have no personal experience with them. I’d look to see what other people are using here. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to Amazon reviews. I’d pay attention to comments about the zippers.


It was a hybrid, 60 sativa 40 indica? I don’t remember the name. Super skunky and with earth smells

I have experience with cutting shoots, my Grandmother used the method in her garden.

I’d consider some version of Northern Lights varietal. My rationale is that is should be low odor, and if you sift through enough seeds you can find those earthy, skunky chemotypes. You can also find others chemotypes, with sweeter smells.

ILGM has feminized NL seeds. You can find regular seeds around too.

I’m not much of a CBD person, but I’ll point out that you can probably buy CBD flowers locally or through the mail, whereas THC flowers are harder to come by.

Let’s say, hypothetically that you go with a 4’x4’x7’ tent. The next step would be lighting. I’d recommend (2) HLG 260 V2 R-spec lights. You can save some money buying this as an unassembled kit. The kits are super easy to assemble. Still, these are $350-370, depending on whether you get the regular or XL model. That’s $700 on lighting alone. Consider that you’re going to have more than a pound per harvest. Maybe a lot more than you need or want.

A single HLG 260 R-spec can cover a 3’x3’ tent. If you wanted to go smaller, an HLG 135 R-spec ($200) covers a 2’x2’ canopy perfectly. Honestly, once you figure out how to grow, you can harvest more than 2 ounces per square foot.

Fans can be pretty expensive, depending on the features you want. Most of us use some sort of controller to either turn the fan on and off, or to modulate the speed based on conditions inside the tent. You can also buy environmental controllers that control all your devices (lights, humidifier, dehumidifier, fans, heater), or you can buy individual units to control those things. I think AC Infinity tents are integrating these features, but I don’t know.

Carbon filters can be pretty expensive, especially since they’re a consumable. I’ve used dirt-cheap ones with success. All of them struggle when humidity gets high.

It starts to add up quickly, and I haven’t even mentioned grow mediums yet.

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When you talk about the filter, are you referring to an air purifier?

Essentially. It’s connected to your exhaust to “scrub” the air it’s extracting from marijuana odor.

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So an inline filter from the exhaust fan. Do you exhaust to the outside of the building or is it still have enough odor to attract attention?

No, it’s a filter the connects to your exhaust fan. It pulls (or pushes depending on your setup) air from the grow space through the filter. As the air goes through the filter the carbon absorbs the oder. I vent outside so I don’t have a need for a carbon filter. If you exhaust into the attic you may not need one either. The air with the odor will go into your attic and eventually out your ridge and soffit vents.


You’re in a unique situation in that regard.


You don’t worry about the smell hitting your neighborhood?