Paranoid about every little thing first timer Grow Journal


You would need a microscope with 60× to 100× zoom capability to see them… and yes they would be moving around… but even with a good microscope it’s still hard to see the little f#ckers… :wink:


@peachfuzz ugh…I don’t have one of those… the magnifying glass I used I’m pretty sure came out of a cereal box 25 years ago… I suppose it’ll be a waiting game but I’ll be watching them all more closely than usual!


@Dex would just wait until next time.


They have them for $10 bucks if that…
Your really going to need one of those in your arsenal if you plan to be successful at this… :wink:
Right now by your pics… I’m pretty sure I see bugs… sorry to say that… but i’m not one to bull$hit… :neutral_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Just want you to catch it in time to fix it if possible… :thinking::exploding_head:



Lots of cheap shot on flea bay. Think I got my microscope shipped from China for $12.

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@peachfuzz @WickedAle Greatly appreciated, I’ll try to find a microscope. Is there anything I can do in the meantime that would help with bugs but not damage the plants if there aren’t bugs? I read soapy water?!


The white on your leaves is probably the dry Epsom salts. Don’t worry have a homebrew (homegrown)!


Those spots were there before he sprayed with Epsom salts…
He really needs to look over them well…
I’ve seen this before… looks like bugs…
Hope not… but… looks like it to me… :wink:
Until he has a good scope , he should be concerned… :wink:
Once they take hold … war is on… :wink:



@peachfuzz bugs make me double paranoid. I’ll try to get a cheap scope today. The temps here hover around 30F so for my air conditioning I’ve run a vent pipe to the window to with a fan to suck the cold air in. Works really well, but looks like spider mites can survive in winter.

This morning the spots remain, but she grew about an inch since yesterday and I think looks pretty healthy otherwise:

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Update: I realized I had a better magnifying glass I use to clean the sensor on my DSLR…it has a light and much better magnification and I removed the worst leaf and found nothing moving around or any evidence of webs or anything.

I went out and got a simple water test (I’ll try for a more in-depth one from the state lab too…) and my water has heightened levels of iron and tested positive for lead. Based on the chart @WickedAle provided, it’s looking like the leaves are showing signs of an iron excess and I’m sure the lead isn’t a super great thing either. The pH coming from the tap is also at 8…but I do pH down.

I’m thinking of trying to get a filter that’ll take care of the metals and flush heavily next watering (maybe I should flush with distilled just to be safe? in a couple days. Maybe the Cheese strain is just less hardy in the iron department?

Thanks guys for all your help, I hope to have good news soon!


Could also be the epsom salt on the leaves creating micro environments of high ph. You could try to wash the leaves off and see if the improve. I wouldn’t worry about it. The plant will generate new leaves. Just don’t spray anything on those. See if the new leaves show signs.

Also what is the ppm of your water? It may not be an issue either. You may have to adjust pH but still provides nutrients to the plant.


@WickedAle the runoff ppm was 1700 and I watered them on day 40 on Monday.


Was talking just your PPM of tap water not your runoff?


@WickedAle oops… ppm of water right from the tap is 76. Is that good or bad? Is that the lead/iron?


That’s low and good. I wouldn’t go the buy distilled water route. I have 150ppm. The water has very little pH holding capacity so adjusting the pH of the water alone won’t do very much.


That’s low and good. I wouldn’t go the buy distilled water route. I have 150ppm. The water has very little pH holding capacity so adjusting the pH of the water alone won’t do very much. The lead level must be acceptable or the city would not allow it to be in the system.


@WickedAle it’s private well water :confused:


Wow super impressive bro. I play pink floyd on vinyl to mine they like steely dan also.:saxophone:

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Here’s a little update! This is their 44th day.

I flushed the Cheese in question last night and haven’t done the Epsom salts again. The spotted leaves still don’t seem to be spreading, and the ones on the other Cheeses look just fine. She’s growing like crazy though…a couple inches taller than a couple days ago!

And here’s some pics of my autos, who all seem to be going really well, even my little amnesia that could! The first pic is of one I topped to see what happened. Obviously no knowing how big they’ll get, but theres tons of buds on these things! And it almost looks like when I topped it once I got 4 colas all the same size! Is that possible?! I LST’d all the autos because the first one I did worked out really well, that one I’m actually training to grow in a small spiral and will be adding cut up tomato cages to support it and make it easier to train.




Not complaining haha but this auto (Northern Lights) seems to be not like the others…just wondering if this is how an auto should look or if this is an anomaly? This is my only NL though, so I’m comparing it to my AH and BB autos… So maybe just the strain? Simply a curiosity…

The branches are massive and very strong, it’s just not bushy at all. This was the first one I topped (4th node) on 3.2. I also left the third node, and now the stems from the 3rd and 4th nodes are the same height. It was getting so tall I had to train it down a little this morning.

As a general update/note to self: my 1000w HID was WAY too close to the tops… I’ve moved it to 20" above.

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Is this auto not an auto?