Paranoid about every little thing first timer Grow Journal


I think they all look good for their age! The important thing is they look nice and healthy :grin: the autos will go at their own pace no matter what :grin:


I started in five gallon buckets.



Only one of my plants is experiencing this, and it appeared pretty quickly…I only noticed it this morning:

Or is this just the leaves darkening up? I watered last night, no nutes, pH of runoff ~6.1, ppm of runoff 1700.

Thank you!


Check really good for bugs… :wink:
Something looks suspicious… :thinking:


Wow looking great! You germinated on the same day I did but your plants are way further along than mine are. Congratulations! Can’t wait to see how your grow plays out.


@peachfuzz oh my God… I’ll do that immediately…I’m praying you’re wrong haha

Wow @auroraborealis202 thank you!! I’ll be posting another update soon and I’ll tag you on it! Really appreciate the feedback!!


Okay I checked the whole plant out… flashlight and everything… and I don’t see any evidence of bugs. No leaves have holes or chew marks.

Here’s some other pics under a regular fluorescent bulb if that helps, the last pic was under a MH bulb:

And a lower leaf for comparison:

Would the bugs be microscopic? Or under the soil?

Forum question: Can I post this under a new topic so it may be more visible? Or is that a no-no? Or, does anyone know people on here who may know what this is? I’d greatly appreciate tags!

Thanks everyone :v:


Also, the white tips on the leaves in that last pic is the light reflection, not mildew or anything.


Let’s see if we can get you some help :wink: @MattyBear @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 thanks guys :grin:


@Missiles THANK YOU!!

Update: I treated it with an Epsom salt spray (along with the others of that strain which is cheese) in case it’s a deficiency that can be saved by that. I’ll be keeping a close eye. The other Cheese’s have similar spots but not to the level of that one, which I’m hopeful means it’s not bugs since it’s just that strain.

When I zoomed in on the pic you can see tiny white spots, which is apparently a spider mites thing. I checked every leaf top and bottom and no evidence of mites. I moved them all to another part of the basement when I installed the sloped floor and light rail system, so I’m going to assume the white is drywall dust which got over there somehow, and/or dust from the shop down there. I washed off all the dust.

Here’s what I’m referring to:


They can be very difficult to see. I scrolled up to pic @peachfuzz commented on and thought same thing. The white dots on leaves specifically. Can you get a look at them with magnifying glass or something similar?


Mites really like to congregate at the base of the undersides of the leaves near the stem; look there for any concentrations of “dots”. You need more magnification than you have now to see them; they are very very small. Spider mites will leave web behind which is a good clue for them.

I think you are experiencing a bit of N (nitrogen) excess.


@dbrn32 and @Myfriendis410 thank you very much for taking a look…

I found a magnifying glass and took a look at all the leaves. I noticed there are no white spots on the bottom of any leaf, which maybe proves my dust theory? Should I be able to see little things moving under a magnifying glass?

I’ll check out the nitrogen excess…is there a test for that?

Here’s the leaves and stems and whole plant from my magnifying glass session:

(The bright neon looking one is the top of a leaf with a flashlight from below)


If you looked close go with dust theory until something says otherwise. It’s the deep dark green that points a little to excess nitrogen. Which could also potentially lockout some other nutrients.


Exactly. If you are feeding I would simply discontinue. The plants look good overall; just trying to keep your grow right in the sweet spot!


In my current grow I had excess nitrogen and I ended up with spotted leaves similar to that. The nitrogen locked out magnesium.
You could flush her to rid the excess nitrogen and she will get back on track. @Dex overall she does look great. The flush is an option.

Twice the amount of water per the size of your container. Properly ph’ed. 6.2-6.5


Thanks @Covertgrower for the help! I just watered them last night… should I wait for the next one, or can I flush them immediately? And just to be sure… they’re in 2gal pots right now, so I’d do 4gal/each for the flush?


Plants at the size you have do not need to be sprayed as the leaves will naturally perspire water and are not meant to absorb nutrients. This could lead to other problems.


@WickedAle Gotcha…I only sprayed for the epsom salt mixture, but I won’t do that again. If I need to try the epsom salts again, would I just water the soil with it instead?


Epsom salts will through off your pH so make sure you pH anything you add.