Paranoid about every little thing first timer Grow Journal


Thank you @blackthumbbetty! That makes a lot of sense. I’ll start going around the pot instead next watering.


looks like you got a great setup and great start @Dex. but you really bit off a big bite with all the different varieties on first try. that should keep you very very busy LOL. good luck with the rest of your grow, you seem to be on it!


Thanks @monkman i really appreciate that!

I completely agree, way too many strains… biting off more than I can chew is another hobby of mine and I’ve gotten really good at it as you can see :joy:


Switched back to 18/6 schedule and the SD are back looking good in the AM!

LST auto fully pointed up now:

Transplant question:

I’ve heard several different ways people go about transplanting adult plants (I don’t think I want to transplant the autos anymore, especially from the fabric pots…not sure how that would go. Has anyone done that with success? Otherwise I’ll keep with the 3gal and see what happens…) the vegging in 1-2gal pots and flowering in 5-7gal one is what I’m curious about. They’re in 2gal right now so definitely will need to be transplanted, wondering what timing you would recommend?


Welcome to the forum your plants look happy and healthy. I have read that people have cut the fabric pots off plants to transplant. One thing on your fabric pots that concerns me is they look half full. If that is true you have turned your 3-gallon pot into a 1.5-gallon pot and that will be an issue later on. I would transplant from the 2-gallon pot to the 5-gallon a week before flipping to 12/12.


Thanks @Bubblehead! That’s true, they’re 2/3 full. So I probably should move them to the 5gal… they’ve been in those for a couple weeks. Do you think I should wait to transplant until I do the fems or would that be too late for autos? They were all put in soil 4 weeks ago.


In the meantime I’ll put as much more soil as I can in there.


If I was going to transplant the autos from fabric I would do it sooner than later. They do not take to too much stress and could stunt. I did not know I had autos until I had transplanted twice. Some did okay and others not so.

If you could get them closer to full by adding soil that would be the method I choose.


I plant right into five gallon buckets, no need to transplant make happy plants.


@seascallop Yeah I’ll definitely go that route next time. It can’t hurt anything (I don’t think) and less stress for the plants and me haha


Keep on growing :sunglasses:


On the fabric pots they are relatively cheap enough to just cut if you can’t just drag it down the sides of the soil. Place the pot in a tub big enough to capture everything in a spill over and with it firmly on the bottom start with loosening the bottom and work your way up as you can and pull down on the fabric. If you can’t do that just take a pair of kitchen scissors and cut the pot off. Probably not worth killing the plant to save 5 bucks for a fabric pot.


You are gonna wanna to water to run off. It helps wash away salt build up


@HornHead yeah that’s one of my paranoias haha I was worried I’d overwater them because they’re young. But I did mix about 30% perlite in the FFOF so I’ll stop worrying about that one. Really appreciate your response, thanks!


Don’t worry…


4th day after topping my AH, everything looks good! Do you remove any bottom leaves on topped autos?

And happy to see that my miniature AH still seems to be chugging along!:

You can see all the plants in that one too…the silver buckets are my fems, and the fabric pots are the autos… they’re all 37 days old. Can you let me know if these girls are looking right for their age? The fems are definitely getting bigger, but not so much taller…those have their 7th node growing now and are between 5-6 inches in height:

Any feedback greatly appreciated!

I’ll be transplanting the autos into 5gal bags tomorrow morning and giving them all a good soak.


I can’t comment on the autos as far as how they look for their age, but all of your ladies look great. :+1:


Thank you @elheffe702!


Take a look at my auto’s in new grow critical purple 3 1/2 weeks old. They are eight weeks old now.


@seascallop Wow… just wow. I only looked at the pics but once I wake up more I’ll go through everything haha

did you start them right in the 5gal buckets? I’m wondering if transplanting them a couple times has stunted their growth?