PAR vs. DLI for Autos

I am also confused about DLI in a sense. I made a post about it because we have wattage recommendations for space of a tent. But going off DLI our wattage requirements would be ALOT lower than people require or suggest. IE: I’m using an HLG 550v2 for my 4x4 becauze I was told that’s kind of minimum / perfect balance for a 4x4. Using DLI though Im nowhere near maxing out my wattage and could have got by with a light half the power. Especially if we follow the dli charts considering we will be lowering the power later. It doesnt make sense to me.

To add to my response I checked my light today I’m at 283 watts out of my 480 available or whatever and I’m at 45 DLI. According to DLI charts I’m maxed and will only go down in wattage so theoretically a 250 watt light is enough for a 4x4 tent?

Better to have more than needed, you never know if you’ll ever decide to go or try photoperiod strains. And you can sometimes, depending on variant run into overheating and your crisping up the top leaves wondering what da heck is going on, so it helps to raise the lighting. With that Xtra power your not losing anything because of it. I’ve had strains that don’t care if your 12 inches above them and others that weren’t happy unless the lighting was 18-24 inches away. I’m kinda partial to the bar style lighting as it seems the heat escapes a lot easier with the added air flow between the bars. Im currently using two Mars Hydro 1000 in my 4x2 tent which honestly have been kicking ass to my surprise. I’m dam near tempted to grab a Hydro 3200 though. Just because, not that I need it. Wife thinks I’m nuts, have a nice bar fixture (Growers Choice) and 2 Mars Hydro 2000 just sitting in the garage collecting dust. But I’m all into my 4x2 at the moment. First World Problems…lol.