PAR Meter Question

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Just wondering if you think and Apogee MQ-200 for $200 is decent? Would this be the right kind of PAR meter to measure my quantum board?

It would miss a little on longer wavelengths. They have it listed to 655nm.

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@dbrn32 Have you ever heard of the Onset HOBO S-LIA-M003 PAR Photosynthetically Active Radiation Smart Sensor.

Not til now, sorry.

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Do you know of anyone who actually invests in a PAR meter? I’ve read a lux meter can sort of be used but it isn’t accurate.


I did, an Apogee SQ420. It is overkill.
If using LECs, change them out every year or two.

LEDS last and are well worth then upfront cost.

@MT3 has one too. That’s really weird

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Hi @ninjAli. I see where @dbrn32 tagged me in this post where you are discussing PAR meters.

With help from @dbrn32, I bought the Apogee SQ-520 sensor that plugs into my laptop via a USB port. I loaded the free Apogee software app for my computer, and the entire system works a charm. This software package offers far more features and benefits than a stand alone meters offers.

I use HLG QB LED grow lights with adjustable power supplies, so this meter was bought to help me set the exact uMoles of light to give me the desired DLI for optimal growth. Each phase of plant growth has varying DLI needs, so I use this sensor to hit the nail on the head which is much more consistent than “eyeballing” the light’s output. As the plant grows taller, I raise my light, and with all of the combined factors, I use the sensor way more than I originally thought I may.

I paid around $320 for the sensor and consider that money well spent for consistent growing and improved yields. I did several indoor grows (I fancy myself as an outdoor grower mainly) before I bought the sensor, and have seen consistently higher yields since I can now adjust the lights for optimal growing conditions.

Hope this helps.

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Would the Apogee SQ-420 be of the same quality? It’s the only one I’m able to find around here.

They are very similar, but the sq-420 doesn’t have as wide of sensor range.

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