Panda Film tent ventilation vacuum question

Help! Was going to flip my girl to flower tonight, and we’ve got our DIY 2x3 panda film tent all wrapped up and lightproof. Have a Vivosun 4" fan & filter combo pushing air out the window. Have three 4" ducts in the shape of “upside-down U’s” providing passive fresh air intake.

Problem is, even with all that venting, the panda film is still pulling toward the center of the tent, and I’ve only got the fan on to pull about half strength. Is this kind of vacuum a problem, especially at our girl’s sensitive stage of her development?


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You need a frame , and film stretched tight! I grow in a room so I am not familiar with what you are doing, but even in a tent they suck in some.

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I grow in a room but with foil lined 1” Styrofoam panels Instead of drywall . I run my room under a lot of negative pressure , when I close the door the panels flex inward. Hasn’t been an issue . Plants grow just fine just make sure your tent Construction is up to the task. :+1:

Now this is funny , both working on the case :joy:

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I have a DIY wooden frame tent wrapped in Panda film. I run the 6in Vivo Sun with the air filter. I noticed the Vivo Sun even though the dial indicates high medium and low speed settings, I find that the speeds range from fast to very fast. Other than opening a flap on my tent I get that negative pressure pulling in. I haven’t found it to be much of a problem. But I’ve only had one grow with it (using two 315w cmh’s). It was one of my quarantine projects.
Keep an eye on it but I don’t know if it’ll be much of a problem? My tent’s enclosed within a storage room so it doesn’t affect my climate very much if I open up the flap. I’m new to growing with a tent so I will be curious to see what people say. Good luck happy growing.

Thanks to all who responded. What I’m hearing is that it’s not a problem to have a little negative pressure in the tent.

Any dissenters out there?


@gg58 You must have negative pressure, so you are pulling fresh CO2 in all the time, or move to CO2 enrichment!

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Thanks, Holmes. Tell your beautiful dog I said hi.

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You are welcome! “Big Mo” says thank you also! :grin: