Pale yellow leaves


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Let’s start with this. What product(s) are you using to feed the plant?


Haven’t given them anything in the last 7 weeks. Before that I fed them once with a low concentration of tiger bloom. They are just starting to show signs of flowering. They are feminized Grandaddy Purple purchased through ILGM. Two of the largest got to be 13ft tall so I had to top them because being outside plants they started to become very noticeable. Truth is if you couldn’t tell I’m fairly new to growing and the plants were growing fast and looked Very healthy so I didn’t mess with them. Wi have gotten a lot of rain over the last month with never more than a day of sun before returning to rain. The location of the plants provides about 9 or 10 hours of sun a day when it is available

Flowering is starting so your plant needs a feed in addition you need to establish some type of regular feeding schedule. She appears to be low in Magnesium.