Pain Salve Recipes for Nerve Damage/Pain

Hello all!! Im Trying to gather multiple recipes for different THC/CBD pain salves and ointments. I will share any recipes I come by, along with my personal review.



I don’t have any at the moment. I’m just starting my journey into salve production. But everytime I try recipe that works I will share it here. I’ll also sure ones that don’t work so well so if you happen to get that recipe from some of those resource you’ll all know not to try it…

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That link that @Hogmaster posted has some info in it that you should read through. @MacGuyverMedic

I also have some ideas that you might find interesting. I am gearing up to go out for the day, but i will catch up with you this afternoon.

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I posted a pretty good recipe for you a couple of weeks ago on your other topic that you started/ Here is the link

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Please Note I have not yet tried this recipe. I will not post a recipe on this Forum that I won’t try. I have a couple of pain Salve recipes that I will be trying and posting. Then I will give feedback based on the feedback I receive from the people using them. Now that being said here is a recipe I intend to try as soon as the root balls have completely dried out. There was no name for this recipe so I am going to call it:

“Ball Cream.”


1)Take your cannabis roots and clean them with water take all the soil out and leave just the wait root ,dry them for about 1 week and grind them or cut them into small pieces with a scissor

2)Take the oil’s cup and mix it with the water in a pan,
Add your cannabis roots and mix everything together .Cook it at a slow fire for about 14 hours and keep adding water while it evaporates never live the solution without water

  1. After 14 hours of cooking you strain the liquid from the pan to a new clean pan. You squeeze all the juice out of the roots . Leave the solution to rest for a few minutes, you will see the oil levitate on top of the water. Take the pot and put in the friezer for the few hours ,the water will become ice but the oil will be creamy and easy to separate from the water , take a spatula and scrub the oil out into a new glass pot

  2. Leave the root extract to rest till it became liquid again then take a empty glass pot ,it must be bigger then the pot where your extract is,
    take a pan and put water in it bring at boiling point and drop the empty glass pot in. Put the extract inside the glass pot and add a thumb’s size piece of natural bee wax, leave it melt with the extract.
    One time melted put the liquid in smaller glass pot and leave it cool down.
    There you are .

You can use this cream for back pain joint pain for external use only.Cannabis root contain toxin that could be dangerous if ingested and please keep away from the reach of Children

Once again I have yet to try this recipe but it will be the one that I try first with one of the root balls from my plants. I will provide feedback as soon as I have it.

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Here is a link to a recipe for “Cannabis Stem Liniment” and “Cannabis Stem Tea”

Two Ways to Use Your Cannabis Stems - Weedist

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Thats pretty cool. I’m saving that one! @MacGuyverMedic

I thought it was pretty cool as well I’ve got a bunch of stems I mean a bunch of stems soaking right now but I went ahead and got the 91% rubbing alcohol because I feel I have no scientific proof of this but I feel like the 91% would be more aggressive about pulling the CBD out of the stems. I also believe that the 91% rubbing alcohol would absorb through the skin faster and more aggressive as well so I think that using the 91% might actually be better now I’ve never tried it with the 70% or the 90% so I can’t speak to comparison. But when I get it finished and I have my dad try it on his feet and hands for his nerve pain I will give a full report along with a letter grade for how well it did. So keep your eyes out for the report should be a few days from now. My fiance also made cannabutter fudge and oh my dear Jesus is that stuff potent LOL I’ll have her give me the recipe and I’ll post it here


hahaha sounds good! @MacGuyverMedic

As long as you tag me, i will be here!

@AnneBonny is my medical adviser so i tagged you in!

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So anne as his medical adviser what do you think of my theory on the higher percentage rubbing alcohol? And Bob I’ll make sure and tag you when I post my review on how it works. There are many people out there that can be going through more pain than my father with his nerve damage and stuff so I have the perfect guinea pig for these recipes!


Also if he hasn’t point your father to a good chiropractor as a last result.
Worked great for me.

A chiropractor is not going to help my father he’s got a broken neck and a broken back from an accident he was in 10 years ago. If his neck Twists just the right way he did end up paralyzed or die. His C6 vertebrae is disintegrated into a thousand pieces the only thing holding it together is a titanium mesh net wrapped around it so chiropractor is not going to work. But I appreciate the recommendation I’m just trying to find things that will help relieve the nerve pain he has because of the accident in his feet and hand he has permanent nerve damage and he gets these lightning bolt type pain surges through his feet and hands like fish hooks being stabbed into his fingers in his toes he’s in a lot of pain all the time which is why the narcotic pain medication doesn’t work all the way because when it comes to nerve pain even narcotic pain medication doesn’t take all the pain away. But with the narcotic pain meds and the pain Salve that I’ve made and have him use he gets his pain from attend down to about a four or five. But I don’t think his pain in the last 10 years has been anything under a 4. He’s in pain every single day and is Average pain on the Pain Scale is usually a 7 daily


Nice topic @MacGuyverMedic Don’t know how I missed it.

Medical adviser? @bob31 I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night so…Go me! Thanks for the tag.

I’m not sure on the higher alcohol content for the liniment although it makes sense in theory since they use high % grain alcohol for tinctures. Just keep in mind that the higher the alcohol content the more drying it’s going to be on the skin. You don’t want to help his pain only to give him dry, itchy skin that can lead to cracking and infection. Just a thought to keep in mind.

As a fibromyalgia suffer I am looking for a topical to help calm my over active nerves so very interested in the results. What a bonus to be able to use the whole plant as medicine.

On your root ball recipe it sounds like you’re infusing the oil then firming it up with the bees wax - Is that correct? What are your measurements? Is it a cup of oil and a cup of water or does it not really matter and what kind of oil do you use? Since it’s a topical are you doing like an avocado oil or coconut oil or sweet almond oil? Sorry I’m very linear so I like the big picture. How much of the cream do you end up with at the end?

My harvest won’t be done until around Christmas but I can’t wait to try this.

Hey @daz49 Wasn’t it you who asked about using stems for tea?


Sorry to hear. My c5 & c6 was damaged from an accident and after 8 years i finally saw someone and I am almost basically healed.

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That root ball recipe I copied offline I haven’t tried it yet. I have a recipe that really helps with my dad’s hyperactive nerve issues but I’m getting ready to start right now. I don’t have the exact measurements I’m falling a recipe I found on Pinterest. Believe It or Not Pinterest has a ton of different recipes and ideas for using the whole plant. But the oil I’m using is pure raw coconut oil. And to keep it from being too gooey forgive my professional medical term LOL I use the beeswax to solidify the mix. But as I’m making this recipe that I’m about to do I will post it here with measurements and everything. And as far as that tincture goes to help avoid dry and skin I’m going to be adding a hundred percent pure aloe vera juice. I feel like it’s not going to do anything to interfere with how well it works but will only provide a soothing additives for the skin. The recipe that I’m doing tonight I know works for my dad’s hyperactive nerve issues and I will post it tomorrow so that you can try it out. I’m not sure about how much of the final product I’m going to have everything for me is new I’m just doing this for the first time this year. I highly recommend going on Pinterest and taking a look at their cannabis salves and tinctures and liniments there’s a lot of them and I mean a lot a lot. And they have other things as well like proper ways of drying marijuana and how to use the whole plant and all kinds of stuff it’s really cool. But again I will post the recipe I’m doing tonight tomorrow and I will also be able to tell you tomorrow as well how much my recipe yields. But the recipe I’m posting tomorrow I highly recommend you using my dad says that he doesn’t know how he gets through the day without using it it’s just really expensive to buy but really cheap to make so yeah I look forward to hearing how you like this recipe after you try it. Also as far as how much water to use there really isn’t an exact amount when everything is all said and done the water and the CBD oil from the plants will separate and then you will add just the CBD extract. That’s what ends up happening at the end so water to oil measurement is not too crucial if that makes sense


When you say you finally saw someone do you mean you finally saw a chiropractor?

Before that it was 2 orthos, 1 physical therapist and an acupuncture specialist not in that order

Okay I will pass it on to my dad I don’t know if he’s been to a chiropractor or not but I will let him know that somebody with similar issues went and helped him a lot

If your dad does not have lower back problems the chiropractor can relieve pressure from the back without touching the neck