Pain Relief, Body High Strains

I have two friends who have major pain due to back surgeries and they are basically stuck like this, using pain meds. Can anyone recommend some of their favorite strains that are effective pain killers and produce major body stone? Thanks!!

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The gold leaf by Robert is a winner
High cbd and thc
Heres a link to our seed bank i searched for medical pain relief strains hope this helps you out


I use to race Moto-X when I was younger and it messed up my knees. I like a 50/50 CBD/THC. It gives me the relief from pain and eases stress. If I want a more energetic with the relief effects, I go for a little higher THC. Just my regiment…


Gold Leaf is GREAT. Never grown but smoked it. Yes please…

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You should try growing it @Poseidon but as ling as you can get your hands on some thats cool too lol
I perfer a higher thc also but if you can get both in a strain woohoo

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@Countryboyjvd1971 - A friend of a friend drove out from Colorado with a crap load of Strains. GL was one I loved and Blue Haze. I was like a kid in a candy store. I put some $$ in my bitcoin acct. Gonna be Blue Haze or GL next purchase. I will have the WWA on standby… Not sure if I like this whole “Auto” thing…

Haha. Autos are the side plants. Have a photo or 3 in veg. N a couple in flower. N drop an auto or two into each tent for that ‘lull’ in between photos…

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That buy 10 get 10 free was too good to pass on! I have about 6 strains I am buying and eventually trying out. :joy::joy::joy: