Paid for course and nothing yet



A couple of days ago I paid for the course and a lab membership using Bitcoin and still waiting for both. I realize you have a small staff but I’m trying to get someone’s attention here because email doesn’t do the job. Thanks.


@MacGyverStoner if he is able to respond may be able to help?


I sent a notice to Roy and he should be able to get back about this ASAP.



I’ve been a Lab member since their inception. They will take care of you @Stacy!



Hi Stacy,

I’m so sorry about the delay on this! Since you had trouble paying for the course with your card we accepted a bitcoin payment but this is not our usual payment method for the Lab. We received your payment and will now manually create a membership for you.

You can expect a email any moment.


Thanks for the speedy response guys @MacGyverStoner @ILGM.Support.Claire I wasn’t sure which of the team to bring this to glad it was able to be rectified :wink:
Hope you enjoy the lab @Stacy you are certainly welcome to drop in on this forum too anytime you wish
Happy growing


Thank you all so much…I am thrilled to be a part of the group!