Package forwarded?

So this is my first time ordering from this site, and up until this point everything went smoothly.

The seeds were shipped in a timely manner and they even made it to my city very quickly, but after the package arrived in my city I received a message saying it was “forwarded” either as instructed or because of an error in the address.

So I rechecked the address I gave them and the only mistake I could see was: City , 12345.

There was a space in between the city and the comma but that certainly wouldn’t cause any issues right?

After reading through here a bit I’m confident it will get figured out, I was just curious if anyone else had this happen to them?

Just trying to ease my mind while I wait to hear back from the support team.


Most of the issues with delivery come from the postal service. My last order showed delivered but it wasn’t. They finally showed up a few days later.

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Yeah post office, they’ll get there

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Post office has been on good stuff since last November. I ship priority mail often, and updates have been pretty ridiculous. I’m getting notifications of packages moving that had already been delivered, some that say package is held up but is delivered on time, and all kinds of crazy stuff. Everything has eventually worked itself out though, so give it few days and see what happens.

First off thank you for the replies, made me feel better.

Second, it looks like it was just confusion on my part.

Apparently they were just forwarding it to a different post office closer to me. The people from ILGM responded promptly and let me know that’s all it was. Then I checked the app and confirmed it.

So at least now I’ll know for next time!

I’ll post if for some reason it still doesn’t show up but I’m confident it will.

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