Pacific Light Concepts photo boost light strip DIY build

For some reason the msg I wrote won’t send from PC, I have to get back to work. Will try again tonight when I’m home- really want to discuss more with you

Very nice dude!

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I’ve always been a DIYer/tinker tot. These threads are always fun for me to follow along. Thanks for documenting it!


Sorry @Drinkslinger I did not mean to highjack your thread. I am working with someone on a large grow and was hoping @Back-in-the-Saddle had new/differ not technology for me to learn about.

I am very interested in your out come!

@drinkslinger any thought in combining all the lamps to provide all possible options available? i woke this morning thinking how i could do it for maximum effect. Different lights require diff heights, shadows, airflow, temp and rh to contend with… something to think about…
Ive been looking at QB all morning… lol! Ive invested quite a bit in my current setup, if it can be better and stay cost effective…
Please post your progress as it happens, ill be picking your brain for sure on this one

I’m currently using citi1212 cobs, hlg Qb288s, bridgelux light strips, and soon the plc boost strips. One of the diy lights is made up of citi 1212 cobs and light strips; it’s my workhorse at the moment.
So yes you can use different types of lights together.
I think in a large scale grow uniformity would be easier, but for hobbyists there’s always room to for experimentation.

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i saw the assembly at top of post, is that how the workhorse is designed? ive got to learn a lot more of the technical aspects , i simply dont have the knowledge I want yet to know the design aspects of combined lighting. ill have to start by re-reading the beg of this topic where u describe the unit and provide the supplied data. when u say boost for qb , you mean a boost to the current set up from adding another light source, right? its not a amplifier to boost the power lvl in the system?

if you have a link or can direct me to tech site or mfg company for raw data of the lights, id love to get deeper into it. I may be asking your advice on QB soon, or at least the strip that im considering adding to my set up

The name of the strips are “photo boost”, that’s what Pacific light concepts calls them. Just like horticulture lighting group calls their product quantum boards. Both use top bin Samsung lm301b leds, you can find data sheets at Samsung or any of the distributor web sites.

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Awesome, that is exactly what i need. sometimes im too analytical and get all ADHD w my OCD and HAVE to learn everything possible in order to understand it to the degree i can make educated decisions. I feel that happening w the lights- wish it happened BEFORE I spent so much!! lol!! is there a retail distributor that would have the product and manufacturers data? id love to digest it all for a couple days, completely wrap my head around it

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thanks,now ive got to get into this much deeper. look what i found:

gotta run for a few, bb in a couple hrs. thanks for the help and info guys!

@dbrn32 have you ever seen this?
Two atreum 288.2 boards, shipped together, same diodes, same product, different production dates by a few weeks. The board on the left has that blue reflective plastic film, and numbers by the diodes, the right board doesn’t? Are production differences like this common?

Tons of them. What do you want information on?

Not common from most.

This from plc. Each strip.


That is some of the data needed for comparison, also would need detailed spectral analysis contai ing actual output of UVB through IR in relation to total output. If QB has higher ma/j in 360-480 wavelength but burple (or any other IR source) is higher, utilize the max as primary and others as secondary in appropriate growth stages. Par values, (penetration of canopy vs leaf burn) heat output vs cooling capacity, effects on airflow, RH…
More data makes more precise effective results to minimize expenses while maximizing product quality

I imagine going to eat mfg website may prove useful, but I don’t know who makes what other than what I’ve seen here

How hard did you look? None of them are approved vendors for us to link, but you know manufacturer of these strips, and the quantum boards, and leds that both are using. All of them provide efficacy data and spectral distribution graph as well.

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I have had no experience or known anyone that did w the qb or light stips untill this thread. I set my grow room up in Dec with 6 LED lamps and a few CFLs and fluorescents. The results were great, so i have since doubled to 12 LEDs, last order in March is where I caught notice of QB and became curious, but with no reference to rely on, I stayed with what I knew to work. Now there are some set ups being used here, im very interested in seeing the results and comparing the products.
And thank you for all of the input from all of you, and please keep posting the grows as you go - will help immensely. and yes dbrn, now i have the info i need to get all the figures for a proper comparison. Ill let you all know what I find!

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