PA Outdoor Question

Hello all. I am new to all this, so bear with me.
I just received my seeds (GG fem) and was curious about the grow time. I believe I saw roughly 9 weeks but was not sure if that was autoflower or fem, from seed or another stage. I have to grow outdoors so time is an issue as I am in South PA.
Last year a friend gave me 2 plants and I just threw them in garden and harvested first week of November. So I think I have until then, which would give me roughly 17-18 weeks til harvest.
Can I start now or is it too late? I am familiar with flowers and vegetables, and I usually start indoors and transplant shortly after mother’s day. But this is a whole different animal.
I was going to plant in a 2 pint pot after germination and put in garden, so it is acclimated to sun from the start. And then transfer to the ground when it is needing more room. Any suggestions or advise would be great. Thanks.

At this point time is running out.

I’m a few states north and my outdoor plants begun flowering around mid August. Usually when the daylight hours begin to drop below 14/day.

You can germinate them now, and probably put them in the ground before the end of July, but they will not have a chance to grow large before they begin flowering.

So, short answer, yes you can put them outside. Just understand that the yield will be small.


Go for it some yield is better than none. The Breeders guide time it’s just a estimate. Your plants will not have a lot of veg time but you will get something out of them. Good luck

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@Sniz 9 weeks seed to harvest would not be a photoperiod seed, what the 9 weeks means if it is a photoperiod seed is flower time which may or may not include transition time (first 7 -10 days after flowering noticed). I know nothing of auto seeds but pretty sure 9 weeks would be close from seed to harvest. Most photo seeds like 5 to 7 months outdoors. Good luck man!

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