PA outdoor grow

Thanks Cristian im growing super skunk and the birgmans gold atm adding black widow & Girl Scout into the mix soon

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Can you Tell me what tipe of seed is the best for outdoor grow and that is not grow too big⁉️

That’s it.

HI, I looked over the posts & guides, but I couldn’t find the information I need. This year I am trying to start my seedlings indoors, then transition them outdoors. When setting up my lighting, do I use a standard 18/6 - 20/4 lights on/off, or should i try to match the amount of daylight at the time I estimate I will be moving them outside? I know that if the dark period is interrupted it can cause it go hermaphroditic, or begin to flower prematurely. SO I am looking for some guidance, Also, this will be a guerilla grow and I have concerns about deer. Any suggestions? All strains I am using are ILGM : Blue dream, durban poison, super lemon haze, purple haze, northern lights, and AK47 autoflower Any insight is truly appreciated Thanks

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