Pa is making moves for MMJ!


Hey Ktreez420, I was born in NJ so I am familiar with eastern Pennsylvania and upstate NY. I use to hunt with some friends at a cabin in a town called Margaretville. One summer that always comes to mind is a trip we took in canoes. We started up around hawks claw and ended up down below Belvedere in NJ. It was a great trip, I hope you enjoy your hunt. Mike


@tee3737 grew up about 20 mins away from erie in northwest pa! Been to oil city many times haha small world


Sure glad I’m not there rate now burrrrrrrrrr. :cactus:


I talked to ktreez, they didn’t even see a thing on their hunting trip lol.
Where in NJ are u from though? I live close to Newark.

Cheers :beers:


Hey I loveindica,I was down the shore around Belmar and brick town. Sorry I was already on the road when you asked this question, that’s why it took me so long to answer. Hope you had a great holiday! Mike.


I’m central PA. I have never grown or done mj. My mother has MS bad so I started looking into it and researching. Lots of good stuff out there. If it does what they say I hope to get her some good cbd to try. Want to try growing as well. Got a few seeds off a friend but they died to my lack of knowledge beforehand. Now I’m ready to try again but can’t find any bag seed. I don’t want to put 30 into 3 seeds and go belly up again.


@tee3737 @ktreez420 aye I’m from Philadelphia ! I didn’t know anyone on here was even from pa in general lol, I’m in the navy now and no where feels like home except Philadelphia :slightly_frowning_face:


I’m just outside of it dude! Glad to know I’ve got a native around!



Hell yeah man ! I can’t wait to move back !


I’m out in the country. Wouldn’t care for city life in PA. Lived in Laredo TX for 9 months.


Have my indoor closet half done. Waiting to get more light fixtures.


What part of PA are you in? I’m Southeast, 20-30 miles from philly in the suburbs. I love it out here, close enough for major cities like NY and DC, or beaches like AC and OC. Amazing nature scenery and wildlife every where, I’ve been pretty lucky to live here my whole life.



I’m around an hour above Harrisburg. I don’t know any growers around here. Pretty discreet. …


Is there a strain that will “grow by the book”? Say, and auto that as long as you start it it will grow on a schedule. Feed water water feed for X days… know what I’m saying?


Are you trying to grow indoor or outdoor?



Indoors. Will be my first go at it.


Auto flower or Photo period? What medium, soil or hydro?



I’ll try auto first. Will be in soil.


My dad grew an AK-47 auto this year with minimal care. He grew it outdoors though, but I know it’s a great strain regardless. I recommend any auto seed that is Indica dominant. Sativa’s can be finicky.

When it comes to, by the book, your best bet is to get quality seeds (ILGM) and quality soil. When done correctly, you should be able to grow them on a schedule. We call it, getting dialed in.

It’s easier for some than others, and always easier said than done! Read, research, and buy good tools and equipment, it will all pay off in the end. Trust me because I started with the cheapest stuff at the beginning of my growing career, and now I wish I had just bought the good stuff from the beginning.


I hear ya. I have little budget so yeah, I’m going fairly cheap. I’m using stuff I have laying around that I’ve collected over the years. I like diy stuff! I have the closet framed and ready for fans and lights. I know my first won’t be perfect… but am looking to make myself proud anyhow. I’ve been researching a lot. Watched a ton of videos. So much info and little ways people do things differently. I want to do a GL grow since that’s more of what I’m looking for in medical terms. But I don’t want to spend the bigger bucks on 5 good seeds and biff it because my conditions were not right. So I’m making sure they are first and getting all my t ’ s crossed and dot my I s.