Pa is making moves for MMJ!


Just saw this article while I was getting my free sample. Made me super happy to see that Pa is making moves in the right direction for their MMJ laws and dispensaries.

Anybody else in other states have some news to share? If Pa is doing this I would think many other states would follow, seeing as how strict Pa Law is.


Maybe one day I can own my own dispensary and/or my own commercial grow!!


I would just be happy if Va. Would make mmj legal


Unfortunately Indiana will be one of the last states to pass some sort of reform.
25 states currently have passed laws legalizing in some form.
Here is a cool State Marijuana Laws Map

States voting this year on more reform
Recreational - Arizona , California , Maine , Massachusetts , Nevada
Medical - Florida , Montana , North Dakota , Arkansas


9 states are moving on marijuana in November bruh very exciting. Texas is doing some pretty radical stuff in january





Very nice post @ktreez420 Read the report. Everything seems very legitimate as if they have put a lot of thought into the regs. Hope that means we are on a fast track.


my state borders Massachusetts…it hasn’t been voted on yet but there was TV news coverage of our state police already preparing for people crossing state lines to purchase it.
that makes me think they believe it will pass!

I have noticed a big push in news stories the last few days on marijuana policies because of the states voting soon.

it’s time to listen to closed minded people relate stories on how dangerous cannabis is…that just raises my blood pressure.


Az is voting on recreational use this election. Will be able to grow up to six girls at a time if it passes. Most polling I’ve seen shows it passing.


ktreez420 are you in Pa and if so east or west side . Me and @latewood are from the same area around Oil City. Still have a lot of family back there.


South east Pa here


Really miss being there around this time of year was always my fav. :cactus:


It really is a beautiful area! How long did you live in the area? City or suburbs?


I moved out of Pa. in 76. Still try to make it back every other year to see family. Any more news about MMJ there?


Yeah for sure fall in my area is beautiful. Have the Appalachian Mountains right in my back yard. Nothing but golds, reds and yellows. I was stationed around the world in the military and very few places felt like home. PA 4 life! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve ALWAYS wanted to camp out on the Appalachian trail! Maybe one day I could visit and we can smoke out the mountain!


Even though I haven’t lived there in a long time I still call it home. I guess because that’s where I was born.


@ktreez420 for sure brother. It is beautiful. I use to camp out at least a few times every summer. Not so much since I’m older but I would be down…no doubt!


Hey Guy’s, when I was a teenager I did 50 miles of the Appalachian trail with 2friends. We had a blast! It is nice to have good memories when you get old. Mike


I’ll be up the poco I mountains for the first two weekends of December to go hunting before the season is over up there. It’ll be my first time using a rifle to hunt deer, because I’m normally a crossbow hunter.