P4P strange spots on leaves

This is the first P4P I have ever attempted. The leaves are doing this, and I have followed everything to a tee.
What is this a sign of?
Zkittles auto

Do you know your runoff pH and PPM?

Your plant looks really hungry what are you feeding her?

I don’t. I am looking for a reasonable tester.
Any suggestions?
With pot for pot they imply nothing needs to be done

I am not feeding at this point. Pot for Pot implies you don’t need to

Yeah well they are wrong sorry. Those water only soils rarely work as advertised.

I agree. with what I’ve read here, they tend to last about 5 weeks and then get depleted. I have FF big bloom and buds and blooms. I also have a off brand of feed, 24-8-16, not sure what to begin with. I gotta get a tester like suggested.

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I would give it nutes for sure but don’t grow crazy with the nitrogen at this stage of growth.
You can feed big bloom every watering as its organic and add some calmag. Try something h
High in P + K but low in nitrogen

Let’s let the @aPotforPot folks take a look and guide you


Hopefully @aPotforPot tells me something soon because it’s worse today then it was this morning

Hard to say with certainty. Can you say more about what you’re watering with (i.e. distilled. tap, etc.), how often you water, pH of water, type of light and distance from plant? I started supplementing my p4p plants with Cal-Mag and it helped alleviate similar leaf spots for me. So many factors to consider, and the symptoms can be confusing because of the convoluted cause & effect relationships. Each grow I make some kind of adjustment to increase my yield. As for the nutrients, go easy on them. I usually start adding diluted nutrients around 4 or 5 weeks. Each plant is different. I have an auto growing now that’s 6+ weeks old, nothing but Cal-Mag added thus far, and it is perfectly healthy. Best of luck!

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Thanks for the response, let me try to detail a few things.
This is my first time with PForP, zkittles auto. Watering lightly with well water, PH is around 6.4, no supplements or nutrients added ( until yesterday)
Lighting is a Abriselux 1500 and 1000 combined, but when noticing the leaf issue, I take it out for natural sunlight daily and supplement with the light a few extra hours. Other then slow growth it was doing fine until this issue.
Yesterday I gave banana water to boost potassium ( recommended from a friend)
I can’t find calmag locally right now.
I cut the some of the dried and dead leaves, spots have moved up a little, but getting better I hope

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It looks like your plant may have received too much water. When your plant’s roots have too much water around them, they are unable to transport water up to the leaves effectively-- that’s why they curl, crisp, turn yellow and develop brown spots. The signs of overwatering are often not seen in the leaves until weeks later.

Ideal water pH is 6.5 - 7.0 for cannabis growing in soil. How much have you been watering and how often?

Water schedule was every 4 to 5 days. The weight of the pot was a good judge o went by. It’s just odd to me because my 8 photos in generic organic soil all thrived exceptionally well

Thanks for this info! This plant does not look like it is growing in our soil/topsoil either. She also looks like a possible late transplant.

According to my records it was transplanted at 9 days. due to settling I did add a little topsoil 2 days ago. She is looking better now, but still had me worried

Wow, that really went well with p4p huh…:man_facepalming:
I’m very curious how it turned out?

I’ve been a sales rep for near 20 years my freind and my advice is if something sounds to good to be true (plant it and for get it) then it probably is.

The non informative, non inquisitive, very defensive, and accusatory response from “what I assume is a rep for ap4p” says alot as well…

I hope it all worked out well or at least a lesson learned my freind…

As a first timer I grew 6 outdoor plants, different medium, with the general support of this group and it worked out great. I decided to try P4P mostly intrigued by the %40 seed coupon and the expectation ofa indoor grow. The setup was not bad, the customer support from them “here” was obviously discerning, but the support from them directly through email was a bit nicer, but no answers, more like finger pointing.
With the advice of someone else I did get my girl back to health and she’s almost ready.


Hi there, thanks for this feedback! How could we have been of better service to you?