P.H water levels

Just a quick question, I’m trying to get some info on the best way to regulate my waters PH levels. My water is usually around 7.5 and I’m looking for the best way to regulate that to the desired PH level for watering my plants.
Thanks a bunch :peace_symbol:

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Ph up and down? If it’s not that your worried about and more so your water your using is tap water then id reccommend getting an RO system to filter it then use it. My RO water comes out around 7ph but before watering ill always adjust to 5.9-6.0 with ph up or down


Need some ph up and ph down and a ph meter to check the ph.



And go slowly when adjusting ph, I add some ph up or down depending on which direction it needs to go and test and repeat til I get to where I want it. Don’t want to over shoot with ph down and then need to use ph up or vice versa, adding unnecessary ppms.


Thanks for the info, my intention was to use distilled bottled water because we are in city water and the chlorine is over powering. I checked the PH of the bottled water and it’s at 7.5, so my guess is that if I use PH down it wil level it out to the desired level. And just to double check what would be the desired PH level for watering the plant soil.

For soil I always ph everything going in at 6.5 and never have any ph issues.

Distilled water is good but won’t actually hold a ph because it is devoid of any mineral content. If adding nutes to it then no problem but if using water only then you could add some calmag to it or add some tap water (like 1/4 tap water and 3/4 distilled) and after letting it sit out for a day or so to off-gas the chlorine, and hopefully your city does not use chloramine which does not off-gas as easy as chlorine.

Yes, you would use a little ph down to bring the 7.5 down to 6.5 (ideal for soil).


Let your water set out, I use water from my hose, put in 5 gallon bucket, put an air stone in there let in run for 24-48 hrs, then when you check you water mine is always around 6.6. That let’s all the stuff put in there by water company to dissipate, good luck. Also get a solid ph pen

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pH Down works like a champ. Not to expensive either. I have never needed pH Up so far.

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Welcome ! For example I start out with tap well water at 6.25 PH . After adding nutes it drives my PH down to low 5.25 PH . I add a few drops of PH up too reach the sweet spot of 6.5 PH before watering or feeding. Good luck

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Chlorine disapates pretty fast. I have a couple 1 gal, couple 1/2gal and a 5 gal container I use. Keep them all filled with a towel over the opening. After use refill and cover.


Good luck

You cna install a charcoal filter Wich will rid your water of chlorine, I installed on for less then 100$ on the cold line in my kitchen sink.
The filter is like 30$ and now we all drink tap water and love the taste, for us the plants and the pets.

Otherwise get skme 5 gallon buckets and let them sit over night.

A few drops of what? I’m using four table spoons of GH PH+ to bring mine from 5.25 to 6.5. In 2 gallons

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@roost1 I use the blue lab brand

PH up


Thanks I just bought some silica blast to try and I may try that also.
The General Hydroponics is expensive to use and each table spoon moves the needle less. By the time I add 4 tablespoons the last on does almost nothing.

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I have used this bottle about 6 grows 4 plants at a time. I still have 3/4 of the bottle it only takes a few drops.


I used a gallon and a half on a rdwc grow a while back. I aint buying another one.

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Wow , that’s alot could Get expensive.


I use tap water and I have a few jugs that I fill up and let them sit in the grow tent for a few days. starts about at over 7 and a few days later its 6.3 to 6.5

A pH level of 5.8 – 6.2 is appropriate for cannabis. On the pH scale, values less than 7.0 indicate acidity; values greater than 7.0 indicate alkalinity. Deionized water has a neutral pH of 7.0. The pH scale is a logarithmic function, so even small changes in pH values are significant.