Ozzimotosan's OG Kush Start Date 09/05/18


I always SCROG soon after flowering. Spreads out what the LST didn’t.
Plus you’re aren’t suppose to use any pest killer, etc after flowering starts.
Made that mistake with the PH clones. Used Neem oil after flowering, and
had to swish them in 6 gallons of water and a cup of H2O2 (I used a 1/4 cup of 20% food grade).
That is done at harvest before hanging. I removed a few leaves that looked chewed, and no damage since. Keeping fingers crossed.


@Liljoe One other thing about the big ass fan leaves. on mine, they got dried up looking, like they were done their job. Hence the complete clipping of them. It was like they did their job and due to fall off. Think about it. They came out early and got the plants big and strong, then started drying up after there were many more leaves. I never save the fan leaves. I remember seeing on the forum that THC
starts forming in the leaves after they are 30 days out of the soil. True or not, the big ass fan leaves are sun collectors for the veg period. After that, I think they are done. The proof is in the results.
We’ll see what kind of buds I get.


The blast tube is just like a test tube looking thing made of thick glass. It is open on one end to put the herb in and pack. Then u put a fine mesh or screen over it and use a hose or gear clap to secure it on. Oposite end has a hole to put butane bottle tip and then blast away over dish, i like to use pyrex sat in anoth dish with warm water. Blast into there and butane evaps away then ur left with oil or shatter depending on what u want. I will take a pic of my tube later, i actually broke a peice off it last night doing a blast.


I do agree about the fan leaves, i leave them if i can but have absolutely no problem sniping them if i have too lol


@Liljoe WOW, cool beans Gene…Wish you could put up a video. Think I could find one on YouTube?
Used to do other “things” equally as dangerous more or less. Ya, I would like to see the rig.
I need a few more specifics before I’d try it. I pretty happy vaping the PH, and have a bunch left since I cloned. Just hoping the OGK doesn’t put me to sleep. I like to enjoy the buzz for awhile. Don’t want to be waking up in my recliner at 5AM :sleeping:


@Ozzimotosan1 here ya go

As u can see in last pic, i had to hold the peice i broke off last night. Its not an expensive divice as far as i remember, had it for a few years. As far as you tube vids i dnt really watch them and also i wouldnt know how to post a link or summin like that lol. This forum is the extent of my computer knowledge lol.
U can also make a similar blast tube with pvc pipe, mine holds about 5-7 grams depending on the quality of green your packin in there.


Nice. Too high tech for me. I would need to know exactly what and how it is used.
Sometime when we have more time. Just took some pix. The girls are on week five of flowering.
Looking great.

Was thinking I would like to do this for a job. But really? I’m 58 years old (or young as it may be)
and spurs on my neck vertabre, and degenerative disc disease. Thinking I’ll enjoy what I can while I can. It really is a fun hobby, and I get a tad more knowledgable, and better at it every day!


Looking great!!! @Ozzimotosan1. I am 38 years old and i also have degenerative bone/disc disease, osteo sclerosis of spine. A colapsed disc , anoth herniated and bulged disc, osteo arthritis and i think thats it lol. Had to retire from being a mechanic almst 3years ago now, so this hobby is a saviour to me. Keeps my mind busy and helps with my pain.
Anyhow im at almst 3 weeks

1st pic is GSC 2nd is OGK


@Liljoe Wow! Yours look great too! So with all those issues, you must be disabled?
How many plants of each strain do you have? All in flower mode?
How long are you planning (of course, it will depend on trichomes, etc) do you plan to go with the OGK? I’m planning for two months. I just checked my log, and I switched to 12/12 light schedule
on 11/14, so mine are 4 weeks and three days. I am seeing no bugs at all. I did clip a few leaves to let light get to a few of the great buds. Ya, it’s a great hobby. When I need to get away from the loudness of the step-kids, it’s my go-to serenity place. Stay in touch Joe. I saw some people have big issues with people posting pix to their grow journal. I love it! And when your growing the same strain, hell it’s great to compare! Thanks Bro!


Thanks @Ozzimotosan1 and yes its awsome your growing the same strain so we can share notes and stuff. I have 3 OGK and 3 GSC, all in flower at same time. The GSC is a long flower and OGK said 40-50days on pkg but i am sure they wont be that fast. GSC said 9-10weeks for flower and my last GSC I cut at 9 weeks but could have let go acouple more weeks atleast(impatient and needed the lights for other room) I switched to flower on Nov 20th or 24th, will have to check my notes.
Still turned out great in my opinion. As far as being disabled, i am not there yet but wheel chair has been mentioned a few time from doctors. I use a cane when i need it. My wife has had to pick me up from my driveway on a few occasions, things pinch and legs give out when walkin sometimes then cant get past the pain to try get up again…it really sucks. I go to see a neuro surgeon in mid Jan to see if surgury is a possibiliy, but my doc dnt think its possible because i have issues so low in tailbone( s1, s2) causes alot of headaches and migrains
What do u mean about issues posting pics?
Looking forward to see your girls grow up also.
Happy Growing
Nov 18 was my 12/12 shift, will be 3 weeks on monday


@Liljoe, The “big issue posting pix” is when I posted some pix on someone else’s Grow Journal and
I got a slightly nasty message with a guy telling me it was someone else’s Grow Journal and I “highjacked” it. So myself and other members were putting pix on there. I didn’t realize it was a grow journal. He pretty much told me to start my own grow journal, and with the OGK I did.
Don’t know why he was a dick. I don’t mind at all, and I like us comparing notes so to speak.
That sucks about your spine/discs. I go for my first ESI in the neck spinal fluid. The bills are stacking up, and I need to make some financing arrangements. Sucks that my insurance pays half.
Are all your injuries from being a mechanic? Mine are from car accidents, but I didn’t get more than chiropractic care after them, and couldn’t afford to keep it up forever as they want.


@Ozzimotosan1 i understand what you meant about pics now, thats why when i 1st posted on your thread about my OG I made sure I asked you 1st out of respect. But I agree about the guy being a dick about it, he could have nicely asked you or whoever posted a pic on his journal to just not do it anymore lol but some people go overboard amd dramatic i guess.
And as far as my back, i grew up in a butcher shop, which played a good role in my issues. Being a mechanic also a major role. On top of those 2, yes i did have a car accident about 10-12 years ago. Sitting at a red light and a young girl rear ended me doing 60-65k/h. I am lucky I live in Canada so my medical stuff is covered, for the most part. And my wife has good coverage thru her job for our family. Its funny cause i was just watering my girls abit earlier and was thinking of you, told myself i was gnna messagr u later lol.
Good hearing from you and hope your ladys are well
Happy Gtowing :grinning:


@Liljoe Ya Man, you are lucky! I am up to about $3K in hospital bills my shitty insurance won’t pay.
Slammed at 60-65 k/h? Holy S**t! That’s like 50 mph, right? I’m in South Central MA USA MA is legal on the Ganja too since December 2015. I started my Pineapple Haze on Christmas Day. We go up to NE Kingdom VT, and go to a restaurant near Derby Line border crossing. I got chased by a border patrol officer after I took the one-way street to the crossing, and turned around to get to the other road out. I went passed the US border station without stopping. So the BPO told me when I stopped that she got a report that someone “ran the border”. I explained what happened, and what saved me, was a receipt for dinner an hour and a half earlier at the Cow Palace. She laughed and let me go. Cute as hell too. Okay, so plants, watered today with the bonus, two liters water per plant, a teaspoon of molasses, an eyedropper (one ml) full of CalMag, an eyedropper full of Kelp organic plant fertilizer, an eyedropper full of Humbolt Bloom, a pinch of RAW Nitrogen, and one of Phosphorus. Stir it up, adjust ph to 6.25, and that’s it. Been watering close to every two or three days. The humidity in our cellar is 49%. If the tent goes over 60%, I crack the door on top and it goes down overnight. The molasses trick I picked up on here I started with my PH. Sweetens it up some. Just be sure and use unsulphured, and as natural as you can get. I use Brer Rabbit brand. good stuff. and the girls seem to love the mix. Here’s a pic of the day. took a few leaves out that weren’t getting light, or blocking some nice buds. So how many batches have you grown? I’ve down three from seeds, and two from clones. No clones this time, cuz I have three more feminized seeds. Will start them while the others are drying, pre-cure.


love the nice lush green :drooling_face:
yes 65k/h is about 45-50mph. a young girl (18 years old)was driving along side her brother waving at him NOT watching the road, was 5 car accident. she got out and said “omg I did it again” . she had a similar accident a few months before lol.
love the border story :joy: somethingto laugh about now, no harm no fowl lol
my girls are doing goog as well,i water every 2 days for my smaller pots and every 3-4 for bigger pots.
instead of molasses I use Advanced Nutes Bud Candy then for flush I have their flawless finish. will put pic up later if you would like, on laptop rite now and pics on phone.


@Liljoe LOL!!! :rofl: Was she blond? Where I live, NY, CT, and Boston drivers are the worst. Always stuff on the news about somebody doing something stupid. Just tonight a story about a woman, disabled car on a three-lane highway, got hit (outside her car), not once, but TWICE! WTF???
The same thing happened like two weeks ago. You got any good NEIPA or American IPA’s up there?
We got some killer sh**t down here. Since they made homebrewing, winemaking, etc legal down here,
there is another great brewery popping up every other month! They say that good weed smokers love IPA’s cuz the hop is related to the BUD in vegitative terms. Pretty cool Man.


Cant remember if she was or not :rofl:


I hit send to fast lol as for brewing, i a thing on tv about a brewing company useing buds with the hops to brew!! If i was still a drinker it would be cool lol i knw my mom brews her own wine sometimes but dont knw much about it


Been homebrewing since I was 26, did hard cider, but always tasted like apple pie. Then I did wine, from a place in Montreal, Mosti Modali. They get must (chunky juice with skins), and you can get a ferment your self six gallon pail, or one that has been started for you. Our fav right now is a two year old Chilean Carmenere. I need to make more, but my good job, along with good pay and good insurance, or at least my job, went to Mexico in 2015. So after my RTAA benefits ran out, I don’t make sh**t.


Very cool stuff!!


Was…very rare that I make anything now except the Buds and oil.
Girls are looking good. I can tell these are going to take there time.
I can wait till the flowers pop out and start making some bulk!