Ozone in the grow room

I was wondering if any members here Run ozone in their grow room/tents during a grow as a preventative sterilant . Any recommendations on a ozone generator for a 10x12

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You can have ozone in there as a sterilization to the room, but you can have NOTHING growing, and you can’t be in there either.
Ozone is toxic to everything.


I found this article . I was curious to see if anyone has done this

Okay I’ll rephrase, it’s toxic to humans. Not plants.
But it can’t be in the same space as you live in. So green house, shed, different building etc.

sulfur burner to keep mold at bay would be a good investment.


This article is meant to help when you already have mold as a measure to hopefully avoid complete loss.

@Covertgrower you had it right the first time, it’s fine as a sterilization idea after cleaning your area post grow but ozone kills organic material.

“Even low concentrations of ozone in air are very destructive to organic materials” - Wikipedia
Now I know Wikipedia is not the greatest reference but any google search or reading of a ozone machine warning label should tell you this.
It damages respiratory cells first and foremost in animal and plants!

I’ve used one of these machines in my house a couple times in the summer and in my travel trailer and they are crazy, in a good way and a dangerous way.

@Covertgrower Intresting suggestion on the sulphur burner never heard of that but that being said I know LED’s have issues with sulphur and thus why Samsung built the LM301H chip for horticulture applications over the LM301B chip