Ozone generators for odour reduction

Its getting very cold, wet and humid and will continue for another 2-ish months, which means I will be in late flower when the main winter rains fall. This weather is already causing my Carbon Filter to be almost zero effective at times and even though not in flowering yet, I’m already smelling the 4 clones (2x cheese, 1x lsd, 1x kush).

I want to flip to 12/12 within a week or 2 but need to get the odour control sorted. I have some Citrus Magic essential oil odour neutraliser (similar to Ona block) on the way but I don’t think it will be enough for these stinky strains and then read up that some people swear by there “CAP OZN-1” generators.

Just wanted to know if anyone uses or used 1 of these units. I do understand that Ozone can be harmful to plants and animals if the concentration is high but I’ve read of people using them 15mins per hour on a timer and saying it works. Also said to reduce bud rot which is awesome since its so cold and humid at the moment.

Can’t find much topics on the subject and it seems to be a 50/50 split, for and against using these devices.

Anyone used them because I’m probably going to try and get one soon but need that extra push by knowing that they really do work.

One thing I recall from paast research on ozone generators; You cannot have them in the same room as the plants.

I thought you said you were growing outside…They don’t work at all outside.

nope indoors…cold and very humid.