Ozone Generator for odor?

I read they are bad, I read they are used…any updated information on setting one up to run 15 minutes every hour?
I understand fans and filters rule…is there a place for an ozone generator in a cellar grow room?

I live in a very humid area where carbon filters are said to often be ineffective. Have already decided that an ozone generator would be the next step in odor control if it is needed,… the only real negative is after long term exposure the buds will probably lose flavor…which suxx roxx… but beats jail… there is a nice little ozone generator on amazon for 89 bucks, industrial quality machine. perfect size for a grow tent at 10 to 15 minutes an hour.

I have run my ozone generator a few times since I took apart my indoor grow.
I was uncomfortable with an indoor garden over the Summer…too many bugs, no humidity (I run a dehumidifier), high temps (the dehumidifier raises the temps), or no dehumidifier with too much humidity and more bugs, I was worried our visiting grandson would find it…

my cellar has two rooms, a room with chairs and a rug, and a storage half where the plants are. I could run my generator in the rec room part and close the door between rooms, keeping the ozone primarily in the rec room. But the ozone will spread to the plants! And aroma and flavor is very important to me. I haven’t tried it yet…waiting on seeds…when the smell gets to be a bother, I will try my generator out…for 10-15 minutes, then wait and see the effects. I may run it, but probably not 15 minutes every hour. May, probably…I dunno.

my style generator, not the brand but the same 3500 mg variety…there are a few manufacturers with this model, most have timers up to two hours, some have bypasses for the timers.

the higher the mg the more ozone generated which degrades in 30 minutes.
I ran mine for sets of 2 hours a few times then aired out the cellar, over the summer.
I have read recommendations of 20-30 hours for killing molds.