Oxygen injections with air stones in soil and nute injections with syringe, any experience anyone?

If I purchased an air pump with air stones for each fabric potted plant that I have, put the air stones at the bottom before the Happy Frog Medium and run the cords up the sides, will that kind of oxygen injection help alot? I have heard it can be alot more work to inject oxygen in soil because of the soil retaining water or something, i do not really know, but I wanted to hear what some other people thought about oxygen injection in soil and how they would do it, and if even. Same with injecting nutes into the stems of plants that have been vegging for a month or so. The idea came from the injection of milk into pumpkin plants which is what they do to achieve enormous pumpkins, but for a cannabis plant it will infect as science has shown in a controlled experiment that was performed over the matter. However, I did read that a nute concoction, an appropriate one of course, rather than milk, can do pretty wild things for bud sizes. Anyone have any experience in this

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Hey bud i think what youre describing is a bit overkill tbh. With proprer waterings theres no need for the airstones in the pot. However, something i like to do is keep my 5 gallons of ro water bubbling with same method you described. Not only do my plants seem to love it, but my pets do as well and it makes making a compost tea even easier. Best of luck bud. If you do decide to try it out lmk how it goes. As for the nutes i would recommend using the application method recommend on the packaging and not inject anything into the plant.

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Like the idea of air stones. Have not done it but have thought about it. The nute thing not sure even if proven I would do it.
Experiment away I say.

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Yeah, well I will post the link to the forum on both matters where I read about this. For the air stones, I do not understand what this person saying about it being more work, I will quote him here, "The air injection stuff leaves water in the medium. How you gonna do that with a fabric one?

I looked into it a while ago. It’s a bunch of extra work and pieces/parts compared to just filling bags with Coco. Then you end up with the drainage material mixed in with the medium after harvest and it’s more work to separate it out to reuse it.

For one or two plants it’s not a big deal. But for tents full it’s too much.

Fire one up. I’d love to see someone actually finish a grow with it. Several people have played around and started but they always leave or quit before harvesting anything.".

I would really like to try it. I have 10 females that I want to veg for 5 to 6 months and FIMM the heck out of, which nute injections in such a duration would be more possible because it allows more opportunities for me to safely stress the plant and achieve what I would like, whether it is FIMMING or nute injections with a syringe. The guy that tried it swears by it, it seems. Just do not use milk like on pumpkins is what I got from it.

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Some growers doing this with coco and auto pots. I have the air domes but have never used them. It could work to a certain degree… depends on your soil composition :love_you_gesture:

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If your goal is to introduce oxygen, add extra perlite, aerate your water for 24 hrs prior to using, also can till top soil pruor to watering. All that other stuff is adding potential issue for what kinda return, are we talking more then 5% yield increase?

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Yeah, that is a good idea, is charcoal good with perlite? What do you think of charcoal? And would you mix that all the way through out the soil being layered up to the top?

And for 5 percent yield increase, I do not know, when you think pumpkins you would think all of that combined should put out a good harvest. I do not think it will be that much for extra work. Just extra preparations only I would think.

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I think I figured it out, the soil has to be easy for the oxygen to make it through and not condensed which is how it would be naturally, so placing charcoal and perlite in a reasonable abundance in layers as I put my soil into my pot should make it a nice experience along with the aerated water. Thanks for the tip!

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I use AutoPots and tried using their Air Domes to inject air into the 6 gallon and 4 gallon plastic pots. Didn’t see any particular advantage, although I didn’t actually make detailed measurements.

Can it increase quantity of harvest? Not important to me, I have far more then I can use. Can it increase quality of harvest? That I would be interested in, but I didn’t notice a significant difference.

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@justinsloan, This is what I have evolved too in for soil grows. I use five gallon buckets with an air injection tube, and a drain tube in the bottom, and on an elevated base. I really like this grow bucket! It is very similar to the AutoPot with their Air Dome and plastic pot. But with my bucket you can flush the roots, bottom water/feed, and top water too a run off.
I am not sure that an air pump would do much in fabric bag. Since the air may follow the path of least resistance, and make it’s way out the bottom of the bag instead of up through the roots.
Instead of going on and on as usual. I will post a few pictures, and if anyone wants more info just tag me. I will be glad to answer any questions.
Parts and the bottom of the bucket:

Examples of bottom feed or drain:

Root control disk in the bottom and the air injection tube:

Replaced the copper air tube with a plastic one:
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I don’t think the last three pictures are going to post. Try again.
Root control disk and air injection tube:

Changed the copper tube to a plastic one:

Here is the last plants that came out of the air buckets. The one on left is Bruce Banner and the other was a Black Widow. This was a couple days before flushing.

Yeah, because I have fabric pots and it is just cheaper and it sounds like for the budget that I am on that it is really not that worth it to me. Thanks!

The drip IV into the stem definitely sounds like a champion pumpkin growing technique… But I wonder what you do when you need to flush??

I’ve made the type of system you are talking about. And what you are injecting is air and not oxygen. It will help slot but you need to incorporate oxygen generators as well for it to be totally beneficial. Also replace the fabric pots with buckets and have a grit guard covering your air diffuser or you could pile some lava rock over it then line your bucket with a fine mesh bag to contain your soil. In addition to your air tube you will also need a larger tube with a strainer at the bottom and hook to a pump at top so you can suck water out when you flush unless you use an open bottom container with a larger diameter container to use like a “saucer” or catch basin. Your water/nite level should be kept fairly high for the bubbles to rise thru. This let’s you feed 24/7.

And without inducing root rot

I understand since I have used my share of bags. This is what drove me to put together this air bucket. I got tried of throwing away fabric bags, since seldom I could get them clean enough to reuse. The bucket is easy to clean and completely reusable. There is not as much water loss due to evaporation in the plastic as in the fabric bag. Due to this the bucket uses less water and nutrients, and less nutrients means less salts. The buckets cost about $40.00 each in parts to put together. So in the long run they will be more budget friendly than the bags.
Also if you don’t like DIY, the AutoPot is not that expensive either.
Just something for you to think about as you move along.

In my bucket, I use large perlite in the bottom and cover the the air tube with it, and mix about 1 part perlite to 3 parts Roots Original Soil to finish filling. I just always top water and let the bucket free drain. I could easily cover the air tube with nutrient solution by strapping the drain tube up the outside of the bucket, and the clear tube would show the exact liquid level. But I am very pleased with results that I am getting doing it the easy way. I have never had a problem with water getting into the air tube, as long as the air pump is running while watering. I use a one gallon ziplock bag to check and adjust the air pump so that each bucket is getting one gallon of air per minute. I know this some guess work on the amount of air injected, but it is working.