Oxygen and water

Is it worth to use water with oxygen dissolved in it or use a air stone to bubble water when watering plants?

I use an air stone while I mix my nutes. The oxygen gasses off really quickly but it helps dissolve dry nutes.


How else would you put oxygen in water ?

Hydrogen peroxide

But that would be detrimental to your microbes

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He asked so I answered.

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Coupled to a pair of hydrogen atoms is a popular way!

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While it is only an extra oxygen molecule, h2o2 will destroy any bio materials given enough concentration and time. Murderers using bleach are foolish. We make accelerated h2o2, will bleach anything better than bleach and kill all DNA. It litterally breaks dna down. Which you may have known, just don’t want newbies peroxide beyond popping seeds and fighting mold/mildew when needed. But knowing all microbes will die too. Like myko and other innoculants.

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Yes but if you inject it it will kill Corona. True story. A guy Who was president said so.


Yeah, most diseases perish with the host
Haven’t heard of coroner’s getting hit hard with corona.

It’s the bleach.

I figured they were wetting their sacks with formaldehyde, which used to be a thing. Said to make you trip. Buds dipped.

I use it when I do my hydro set ups it will last for a few days. Got the tip from Bergman himself. Wouldn’t in dirt.

Definitely had some dipped buds once or twice knowingly. Dipped in what I do not know. :japanese_ogre:

Yeah hydro is very different. Does hydro even use any innoculants? Haven’t looked too much into pure hydro. Considering coco change soon

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A lot of people use hydroguard an I’m sure there are other products. I tried hydroguard & felt that I just wasted $33. but others like it.

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Lol. I only wanted to know if it was worth the effort to oxygenate the water I’m giving my plants

True , can you grow like that ?

Works in hydro, never tried in dirt